Why Flutter is important in 2020?

Everyone who is in software industry and wants to develop an application for Android and iOS. He has a question that how to develop an application. What is the best technology to use for app development. What is the importance of flutter and why we use it? so let’s discuss about it.

If anyone of you want to know what is Flutter then read my last blog on it.
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Why You Should Learn Flutter ?

I selected this framework because i realised there are some advantages to use it. i will use it next year also. so i am going to describe you the all advantages and my personal opinion for this framework.

Easy to Learn and Use

When i am a new learner in this field. i am so confused that how can we create an Android or iOS application. Because there are so technology to create an App Like: Java, Swift , and React Native. But if you learn about flutter you will understand that how it is easy to develop an application using Flutter.
By the help of Flutter, You can create a real native application without a bunch of code.

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Fast Compilation : Maximum Productivity

There is a feature called Hot Reload. By the help of this feature you can change code and see your app within seconds. so i like this feature most. Whenever you change code and want to see the app update in real-time then you have to click on hot reload button.

One Code for 2 Platforms

Flutter makes code easy by using one code base for Android and iOS at same time. So you can save your lots of time and easily develop both platforms app. It doesn’t depend on other platforms because it has his own widgets and designs.

Less Testing

If you have one code base for Android and iOS, then you have to test only one code base and Quality Assurance have less work to do. if you have some differences in both apps then you need to test both platforms.

Faster Apps

Flutter apps works very smoothly and in a fast way. It works without hanging and when you will scroll the apps the app will work also smoothly.

Expressive UIs

We can build expressive UIs with the help of Flutter. It uses Material design for Android and Cupertino widgets for iOS. It has rich motion APIs and smooth natural scrolling. It has in-built feature to develop our application very fast with fully customizable widget.

Growing Community

Flutter has robust community and it’s increasing day by day. so if any developer has issue in their apps so ask question on Flutter community and they will get answers very fast. you can check out more websites for widgets, github url , and other sources. i will give you some websites references below:

References :

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  3. Introducing Widget of the Week!

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