Chef Lab and Excercise – Cookbooks – Part 6

  1. Write a cookbook using you can install apache http server in CentOs and Ubuntu, enable the services and start the service.
  2. Write a recipe using template resources to create a file, but only if an attribute has a specific value.
    1. Write a recipe to create a file using a string, but not if “/etc/passwd” exists?
  3. Write a cookbook to unzip a file, and then move a files from one location to another using batch, bash chef resources?
  4. Create a role and assign any two cookbooks to role and setup a 2 nodes assigned to role and conerse the role.
  5. Write a cookbook using install version of latest tomcat and deploy jenkins.war files into war.
  6. Write a 4 cookbooks php, mysql, apache and webapp respectively and map a dependency between them and install a sample web application.
  7. Write a cookbook to install git, wget, zip in RHEL and Ubuntu.
  8. Write a cookbook in which create a file using a string, but only if “/etc/passwd” exists
  9. Write a coobook to run a batch file that unzips and then moves files from one location to another.
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