Best DevOps corporate trainers in India

From last three to four years in the IT industry one word is continuously making a noise and that word is “DevOps”. I can bet you that you cannot find any IT professional who has not heard about “DevOps”. The noise is obvious because DevOps adoption can significantly speed up software development and release process without compromising quality objectives.

Organizations who adopted DevOps are innovating and delivering software faster with customer/client expectations of 24/7 continuous service time with instant access and leaving their competitors behind.

Amazon, Facebook, Etsy, Netflix, Tesla, Uber, AirBnB, Apple are some of the names who are continuously making most out of it.

DevOps is turning into the industry standard for Software development process and Organizations will have to adopt DevOps for future growth, and even to remain competitive in the current market, they have to adopt “DevOps”.

But, as an organization you cannot implement it just by keeping the benefits in the mind and saying “Let’s do DevOps,”. In DevOps culture different skill-sets professionals like developers, testers and operations peoples work together in collaboration and to make this cultural shift possible you need a comprehensive strategies, tools and technologies, processes and approach. Each level of DevOps adoption poses its own complexities and challenges. Therefore it’s not a wise decision to make your own painful experience of failed DevOps transition.

In order to make this cultural shift move smoothly, hiring a Corporate DevOps Trainer, Mentor or Coach is the best way to ensure it. A Corporate trainer can bring expertise and knowledge with them which cannot be replicated and there is no alternative of prior experience to help organization in their DevOps learning and implementing process.

Having a Corporate DevOps trainer will help you in many ways:-

  • The first thing he will do is assessment of your business and after that he can guide and establish exactly required results which you are expecting by implementing the DevOps culture.
  • DevOps trainer can offer a custom-tailored training or implementing process for your organization needs and ambitions.
  • By hiring a corporate trainer, an organization can onboard their whole team with DevOps skills by providing them training and this is necessary too. Because, if your half workforce will implement DevOps and half will work according to old procedures than you can never achieve the results you want.
  • By having a Corporate DevOps coach also greatly minimize the extent of stress involved in the process. Lack of expert direction, there is a high possibility of confusion and full weight of the ensuring worry will be felt by either management or team members.
  • The deeper understanding of the concepts included in DevOps, and the strategic difficulties execution throws up. Hiring a Corporate DevOps trainer is not necessarily cheap, but they will always the most cost-effective means of making transitions.

After having all these discussion, here comes the real question that who are the best DevOps corporate trainers in India?

I am going to recommend two names here.

Rajesh Kumar: – Rajesh is one of best DevOps corporate trainer in India who has 15+ years of extensive industry experience with top MNCs worldwide. Rajesh is a passionate DevOps geek. He is a proficient DevOps master with expertise in 70+ DevOps tools, Cloud Computing, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Inspection process, Containerization, Monitoring, Networking, Test Driven DevOps Approach, etc.

Rajesh Kumar has great combination of technical knowledge and sharing skills. In last few years through, he has mentor/coach more than 5000 engineers till now for implementing CI/CD, DevOps, Cloud and Containers. 

He is helping more than 70 software organizations globally, by providing them coaching, mentoring and consulting in DevOps, CICD, cloud, containers and operations.

He can be your perfect find for your DevOps corporate trainer. Watch his reviews. Obviously this is not a trainer name but believe me once you will explore this site, all Corporate DevOps trainers requirement can be fulfilled in just one click not limited to India only.

“DevOpstrainer” is a platform where one can find Best Corporates DevOps Trainers around the globe. All trainers who are listed here they have at least 10 to 12 years of experience and they all listed here after following a very strict process of scrutiny.

All their profiles are available in the public domain where you can directly call them and discuss about your requirements. In our opinion this portal is one of the best example of community initiative.

Mantosh Singh