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Mode – Online

Lab Setup Details OR Prerequisites for personal Laptop

Operating Systems – Windows 7 or Linux (RHEL 7.X or Ubantu)
JDK 1.7 or Higher,
SCM Tool Client and server Installed (SVN, GIT, Perforce)

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Free Lunch would be serve to all Participants.
Registration is based on First Come basis and only confirmed registration would be considered.

  1. What is Software Configuration Management
  2. What is Build and Release Engineering
  3. Introduction of Version Control Management?
  4. Basic usage of Subversion
  5. Basic usage of git
  6. Introduction of Build Management?
  7. How to write ant script?
  8. How to write Maven script?
  9. How to write MSBuild Script?
  10. Introduction of Release Management?
  11. Benefit of Continuous Integration?
  12. Different Continuous Integration Tools?
  13. Focus on Jenkins
  14. Installation and Setup of Jenkinks
  15. Configure a Job to Build the Project using SVN /GIT and ANT/Maven
  16. Using Build Script (Ant, Maven and MSBuild) with Jenkins
  17. Authentication and Authorization in Jenkins
  18. Lab and Assignment
  19. Nodes Setup in Jenkins
  20. Labels, Tags and Notification using Jenkins
  21. Empowered with Plugins in Jenkins
  22. 20 Popular Plugins and Their Usage
  23. Integrating Jenkins with Junit for automated testing
  24. Integrating Jenkins with HP-QC for automated testing
  25. Integrating Jenkins with Cobertura for test Coverage
  26. Integrating Jenkins with Sonar for static code analysis
  27. Release and Deployments using Jenkins and Nexus
  28. Advance Jenkins
  29. Jenkins Scripting
  30. Jenkins Command line
  31. Reporting and Dashboard using Jenkins
  32. Lab and Assignment

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