Copy and Include Issues in Apache Ant | Ant Troubleshooting Guide


Question: Why Copy in ant is not working if I am putting includes separately?

Ant version: Apache Ant version 1.5.4 compiled on January 8 2005.

Program 1 is not working and Program 2 is working.  I guess both programs are correct..


      <copy todir=”${Temp}/uaw/Uaw_compilescripts”>

            <fileset dir=”${SVNCheckout}/scripts/compilescripts” >

                  <include name=”BuildSh,Compsh,vsamc,,script,compl2,,makefile,makepl1,script”/>






      <copy todir=“${Temp}/uaw/Uaw_compilescripts”>

            <fileset dir=“${SVNCheckout}/scripts/compilescripts” includes=“BuildSh,Compsh,vsamc,,script,compl2,,makefile,makepl1,script” />



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