Top 50 Junit interview questions and answers

1) What is Testing? Testing is the process of checking the functionality of the application whether it fulfills the requirement or not. 2) What is unit testing? The process of…

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Apache Ant: A Build Tool

Apache Ant (or simply Ant) is an XML-based build scripting language used heavily by the Open Source community. Ant automates tasks such as compiling source code, building deployment packages and automatically…

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Using Ant to build J2EE Applications

Apache Ant (Another Neat Tool) is a build tool, mainly for Java projects. A build tool can be used to automate certain repetitive tasks, e.g. compiling source code, running software tests,…

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Useful links for Sonar with Ant

rajeshkumar created the topic: Useful links for Sonar with Ant Sonar with Ant…egration-with-sonar/—ANT-Build-File-td21797773.html Regards, Rajesh Kumar Twitt me @ rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re: Useful…

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Ant cpptask with ivy

rajeshkumar created the topic: ant cpptask with ivy Questions: A company I am working for, has some c binaries build with ant using cpptask. They use ivy to retrieve shared…

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Ant+Unable to create directory as a file already

rajeshkumar created the topic: Ant+Unable to create directory as a file already Hi, I have one file called djir.ear and I am trying to create a folder with the same…

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Help in copy files from list using ant

scmuser created the topic: Help in copy files from list using ant Help in copy files from list using ant Hi, I have one file called list.txt where i have…

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Ant Scripting Issue

ant-qa created the topic: Ant Scripting Issue 1) I have many ant build files ( .xml files / test scripts) in folder : bin/execute 2) I have another testsuit.xml file…

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Condition with Task in Ant

scmuser created the topic: Condition with Task in Ant Hi, How can i use conditions in Ant Task execution? Any idea? tpatil replied the topic: Re: Condition with Task in…

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ANT Build Integration with InstallAnywhere

installanywhereExpert created the topic: ANT Build Integration with InstallAnywhere ANT Build Integration with InstallAnywhere ANT is a powerful, Java based build tool developed by the Apache Foundation’s Jakarta Project. It…

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Build and Release Course Training with Jenkins / Maven /Ant/ SVN & Git

Upcoming Training Dates | Training Agenda | Training Calender | FAQ | Why scmGalaxy Online Training Click Here Mode – Online based Email – Lab Setup Details – Prerequisites Operating Systems – Windows 7…

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Apache Ant Training | Apache Ant Course | Online | Classroom | India

Course SummaryThis course introduces Ant and how to use it for test-driven Java application development. A single application of increasing complexity, followed throughout the class, shows how an application evolves…

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Maven Vs Ant | Maven or Ant which is better ?

Maven Vs Ant

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How to put comment in Ant | Comments in Apache Ant

How to put comment in Ant | Comments in Apache Ant Method 1: <!– Comments are just as important in buildfiles, do not –> <!– avoid writing them! –> <!–…

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How to run ant build in intellij? – IntelliJ/Ant integration Guide

IntelliJ/Ant integrationBy Alvin J. Alexander, devdaily.comThe fact that IntelliJ is off-the-shelf ready to work with Ant is a great, great feature. It’s also simple to configure and use.Assuming that you…

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A sample Ant build script that builds a WAR file – Guide

A sample Ant build script that builds a WAR file <project name=”MyWebApplication” basedir=”..” default=”install”> <!– project-specific variables –> <property name=”” value=”myapp” /> <property name=”” value=”${}.war” /> <property name=”webapp.dir” value=”/Users/al/tomcat-6.0.16/webapps” />…

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Samples/Examples of the Ant copy task – Guide

Samples of the Ant copy task <copy file=”${resources.dir}/MANIFEST.MF” tofile=”${temp.dir.meta-inf}/MANIFEST.MF” overwrite=”true” /> <copy file=”${resources.dir}/managed-beans.xml” tofile=”${temp.dir.web-inf}/managed-beans.xml” overwrite=”true” /> <copy file=”${resources.dir}/navigation-rules.xml” tofile=”${temp.dir.web-inf}/navigation-rules.xml” overwrite=”true” /> <copy file=”${resources.dir}/monitoring-managed-beans.xml” tofile=”${temp.dir.web-inf}/monitoring-managed-beans.xml” overwrite=”true” /> <copy file=”${resources.dir}/monitoring-navigation-rules.xml” tofile=”${temp.dir.web-inf}/monitoring-navigation-rules.xml” overwrite=”true”…

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Flow Diagram and GUI tools for Apache Ant

Nurflugel AntScript Visualizer Link: About: Ant Script Visualizer is a program I’ve written to make visualizing how your Ant targets and scripts are related to one another. Ever take…

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How to Integrate Subversion Into Your Ant Build ? – Step by step guide

SVNAnt SVNAnt is an Ant task allowing you to interact with Subversion within the convenience of your Ant build script. No more writing custom scripts to get the revision of…

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Apache Ant – A Complete TASK Reference

Apache Ant Task: zip Description: Creates a zipfile. The basedir attribute is the reference directory from where to zip. Note that file permissions will not be stored in the resulting…

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Usage of ANT_OPTS in Ant Script | ANT_OPTS capabilities

Usage of ANT_OPTS in Ant Script | ANT_OPTS capabilities Ant has three environment variables that you can use to set its default behavior. • ANT_ARGS Set this variable to include…

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Power Point PPT: Introduction To Ant

Power Point PPT: Introduction To Ant Introduction To Ant from Rajesh Kumar  

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Power Point PPT: Using Ant To Build J2 Ee Application – Complete Guide

Power Point PPT: Using Ant To Build J2 Ee Application Using Ant To Build J2 Ee Applications from Rajesh Kumar  

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Understand Ant command line arguments with Examples

Several tasks take arguments that will be passed to another process on the command line. To make it easier to specify arguments that contain space characters, nested arg elements can…

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ANT Builds and Subversion (SVN) | Ant integration with Subversion guide

As I have mentioned in a previous blog entry, I have come to love using ANT in my development environment. One of the things that I like about it is…

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How to Use SVN Tasks with ANT ?

This post is about using ANT to perform some of the most common source-control related tasks such as export, tagging, and branching. I am using ANT version 1.7.0 and SVN…

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Set properties HOMEDIR in build.xml which will be set through user logged in the current system.. Example: <project name=”test” default=”myhome”>     <property environment=”env”/>     <target name=”myhome”>         <echo message=”My home…

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How to use ant Script to Reset BuildNumber?

To use this code, you need to have the file build.number containging: major.number=1 minor.number=0 hotfix.number=0 revision.number=0 continuous.number=0 Then the following 3 targets:   <taskdef resource=”net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml”/> <taskdef name=”unset” classname=”ise.antelope.tasks.Unset”/>     <target name=”initBuildNum” description=”Get…

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Ant : Ant-Contrib – Introduction and Installation Process/Guide

What is Ant-Contrib Tasks? The Ant-Contrib project provides a collection of tasks and types that extend Ant to work as a scripting language as well as a build tool. Many…

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Graphical Representation of ANT | Ant Flow Chart | Visual representation

1.       Grand: Graphical Representation of ANT Dependencies: Grand is a tool to create visual representation of ant target dependencies. It differs from tools like Vizant or AntGraph by a totally…

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