Files opened for branch in default changelist

DS123 created the topic: Files opened for branch in default changelist

I’m integrating code between 2 codelines using p4 integrate.

Following p4 integrate/resolve -n /resolve -as/submit steps

the target line looks as expected.

However, I have a bunch of files remaining in the default changelist.

‘p4 opened’ lists theses files as ‘……branch default change…’ open files.

Also when I look in the depot I see cooresponding entries there as
‘ The file is open for branch in the default changelist ‘ with the file branch logo.

Is there a way of ‘clearing’ the default changelist?

Its as if the integration is nearly complete, but the changes are getting reopened in the default changelist. And the depot is reflecting this.

The only way I know to remove an opened file is to revert it, but will a revert on these file, undo the integrate?


rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re: Files opened for branch in default changelist
If the integration has been submitted, then ‘p4 revert’ will only revert the pending changes in your workspace. To get a better understanding of the situation please run the following commands from the workspace experiencing this behaviour and send me the full output:
p4 -Ztag info
p4 opened
p4 client -o
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