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Best Branching and Merging strategies in git

Best Branching and Merging strategies in git Step 1 – First you need to learn the needs of branches. This is very good read. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/vsts/repos/tfvc/branching-strategies-with-tfvc?view=vsts Step 2 – Now time has come to Learn best branching model in Git. https://buddy.works/blog/5-types-of-git-workflows https://hackernoon.com/a-branching-and-releasing-strategy-that-fits-github-flow-be1b6c48eca2 https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ Step 3 – Now, Lets understand, what is the kind of merges we… Read More »

Rename the Branch name

pasupuleti2 created the topic: Rename the Branch name Can we rename the Master branch to Development branch without losing history in Bitbucket? If it is possible, Please give me step by step instructions. -Saritha

Files opened for branch in default changelist

DS123 created the topic: Files opened for branch in default changelist Hi, I’m integrating code between 2 codelines using p4 integrate. Following p4 integrate/resolve -n /resolve -as/submit steps the target line looks as expected. However, I have a bunch of files remaining in the default changelist. ‘p4 opened’ lists theses files as ‘……branch default change…’… Read More »

Branching and Merging Best Practices | Branching and Merging Guide

Branching and Merging Practices Branching and Merging Practices from Rajesh Kumar