How to design a website from beginner to advanced using some free websites and Youtube Channels?

For every developer who wants to learn from basic to advanced you should follow some techniques and website. that will help you to grow your knowledge and your understanding. so for this you should follow these sites. whenever i want to learn new things. i follow these below sites and useful tools to design and speed up the website load time by the help of these sites.

I am just sharing below some sites and important YouTube channels for a beginner who can create a website easily using below sites and you should do more practice for your GitHub repo. if you create multiple github repo then it will help you and more developers also by your repo. so always practice and put code on GitHub repo.

Beginners can start from these sites:

  1. w3schools
  2. HTML Crash Course for absolute Beginners
  3. CSS Beginners to Advanced Practice Codes
  4. SharingButtons
  5. Embed Google Maps
  6. HTML Encoder
  7. HTML Special Characters
  8. RSS Box Viewer
  9. XML Sitemap Generator

For Advanced and Pro Level Developer can follow below sites and websites to increase his knowledge and do something in his area for his tremendous coding and experience of practising some such great tools.

  1. FreeCodeCamp
  2. Hacker Earth
  3. HackerNoon
  4. TutorialBar (For Free Udemy Courses)
  5. Top 1,000 Laravel Packages
  6. RIP Tutorial
  7. PHP Gurukul

Some YouTube Channels For every Developer and Programmer:

  1. Traversy Media
  2. DevOps and CICD (DevOpsSchool)
  3. Bitfumes
  4. Academind

Please if you find some websites is missing. then suggest us in comment section. we will add it to our blog so a developer can easily learn from these free resources and share his knowledge to others. so please learn and share your knowledge on GitHub and other Community also. Thanks for reading this article. share this blog with your friends and family.

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