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How to downgrade php from 8.0.0 to 7.1.32 in xampp 8.0.0?

Hey friends i am going to discuss with some common error with xampp. i installed xampp in my pc and working with Laravel version 5.8 and php version 7.1.3 so i face a lot issue when trying to run php artisan commands. so i googled and found so many solution but i solve it in a very simple way. so please look below steps to solve it.

Step 1 : download xampp version 7.1.32 from this url click here
Step 2 : after download extract it and you will see php and apache folder in it.
Step 3 : Rename php and apache folder present in C:\xampp
Step 4 : Copy php and apache folder from extract folder and paste it C:\xampp
Step 5 : Restart Apache and MySQL and check php version using command “php -v”


Solution 1: Click Here

Chandan Kumar
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