How to enable Google reCaptcha with Laravel?

Step 1 – First go to then click on Admin console

Step 2 – Genereate new recaptcha (click on + button to create)

  1. Type label name
  2. Select ReCaptcha v2 ► select “I’m not a robot” Checkbox
  3. Domains (localhost) or your website address eg
  4. Accept the ReCaptcha term of service ( tick checkbox)
  5. send alerts to owners (tick checkbox already) ► click on submit button

Step 3 – after that you will see site key – like this

Step 4 – and secret key like this (6LdtjbYUAAAAABDNEWDL2EgBN2pq76AdgHQoLx77)

Step 5 – copy both keys in notepad.

Step 6 -Put below javascript code in resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php

Step 7 – and put below code in your form area above submit button




Step 8 – open any terminal like gitbash or PowerShell and type this command (composer require google/recaptcha ‘~1.1’ press enter
► then run command php artisan make:rule Captcha (press enter)
► then open app/Rules/Captcha.php and add below lines

use ReCaptcha\ReCaptcha;

► and add below codes to Captcha.php

public function passes($attribute, $value)
$recaptcha = new ReCaptcha(env(‘CAPTCHA_SECRET’));
$response = $recaptcha->verify($value, $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]);
return $response->isSuccess();
public function message()
return ‘Please complete the recaptcha to submit the form’;

Step 9 – and add below lines to app/Http/User/JobController.php

use App\Rules\Captcha;

Step 10 – and add under validator ‘g-captcha-response’ => new Captcha(),

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