How to post form data from PHP 7 using LinkedIn API?

In Previous blog Click Here We also learned that How to Sign-in or login from PHP 7 using LinkedIn API. So, In this blog, I am going to post or send form data from PHP using Linkedin API. In the previous blog, I already Install “composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle:^7.0” and create a Linkedin API and Sign In & Login from Linkedin API. So, Let’s start to describe In this blog I am creating a page “profile.php” for after Login in Linkedin so return in “profile.php” like Mention below-

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When you click to proceed button for then “redirector.php” and re-director page will return you in “gettextpost.php” mention below-

After click Share button for Post the redirect to “gettextpost.php” so this page data mention below-


When you submit button this form the redirect to “posttextpost.php” so this page date mention below-


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