How to post form data from PHP 7 using LinkedIn API?

In Previous blog Click Here We also learned that How to Sign-in or login from PHP 7 using LinkedIn API. So, In this blog, I am going to post or…

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What is Website Scraping – Complete Guide

What is Site Scraping? “Site scraping also” called or known by some other names like Web scraping, Screen scraping, Web data mining, Web harvesting, or Web data extraction is a…

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Splunk Interview Questions and Answer Part – 1

Where is the best place to get help with general Splunk questions? Splunk Answers (Ans) Stack Overflow Course Q and A Splunk is primarily a business intelligence tool. False (Ans)…

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Elastic Search Error – Node is started with, but has shard data

[2019-07-11T09:59:18,013][ERROR][o.e.b.Bootstrap ] [es-master01] Exception java.lang.IllegalStateException: Node is started with, but has shard data: [/home/ec2-user/elasticsearch-7.2.0/data/nodes/0/indices/6XsNftnbSbOnzPK3wOKc 0w/0]. Use ‘elasticsearch-node repurpose’ tool to clean up at org.elasticsearch.env.NodeEnvironment.ensureNoShardData( ~[elasticsearch-7.2.0.jar:7.2.0] at org.elasticsearch.env.NodeEnvironment.( ~[elasticsearch-7.2.0.jar:7.2.0] Solution

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How to create sample data to perform searches using elastic search?

Step 1 – Go to: Step 2 – Download and save as customers_full.json Step 3 – Open customers_full.json in sublimetext Remove the array brackets Find-Replace },{ with }\n{ in…

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