Setting up your social network – Things to Keep in your Mind – Notes

Setting up your social network for the first time – These are the points or best practices to keep in your mind.

Be consistent with URLs and usernames:- Means – you should have similar presence on all social media platforms you create accounts on.

For example:-

  • facebookcom/devopsschool

Sometime its not possible get the same name in all the places – but try to get at least similar.

There are few tools available to check specific usernames.


Take advantage of platforms specific features.

Create your account – simply put your username, email, and ther details

Customize your account – like company logo, descriptions, URLs, and so on

Ideal looking account with recommended image size and aspect ratio, background cover etc.

Each platform has its own special features. Like LinkediN has Careers page, FB has tabs each one has different background size and format. So making sure you are aware of these features and keeping up to date with changes is also important to keep you platform looking fresh and clean.

A tip here to always keep the source files of the design work.

Dont lose design source files

Mantosh Singh