How to install Git on Ubuntu/Linux.

To install Git on Linux/Ubuntu you have to Run the below commands Step 1 :- First check that your packages are updated or not : sudo apt update Step 2…

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About Composer A composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for…

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Install Jenkins on Ubuntu

In this tutorial we are going to install Jenkins on Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu is another debian based operating system – open sourced and highly loved by developer community. If…

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Xampp : Starting Apache …fail : Ubuntu Server Error

i installed xampp in my ubuntu server in virtual box and when i am running below command. then showing Starting Apache …fail. sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start Error : Open your terminal…

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Setting up Kubernetes Clusters using Kubeadm Manual way in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial

What is Kubeadm? Kubeadm helps you bootstrap a minimum viable Kubernetes cluster that conforms to best practices. Kubeadm is a tool built to provide kubeadm init and kubeadm join as…

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Install and Configure Grafana in Ubuntu and Debian

Install and Configure Grafana in Ubuntu and Debian Step 1 – Download & Install Grafana Download Grafana RPM file RPM for Linux from # Ubuntu & Debian $ wget…

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Tasksel – Easily/Quickly Install Group Softwares in Debian and Ubuntu

Tasksel – Easily/Quickly Install Group Softwares in Debian and Ubuntu If you started out using an RPM-based distro before advancements like “yum” or “apt-rpm”, you’re loving the magic of “apt-get”…

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Vagrant installation in Centos, Ubuntu and Windows | Vagrant Tutorials

Vagrant installation in ubuntu 1. Update your apt repository > sudo apt-get update 2. Install VirtualBox. > sudo apt-get install virtualbox 3. Install Vagrant. > sudo apt-get install vagrant Vagrant…

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HOWTO: Install e17 from SVN/source on Ubuntu

E17 is a lightweight window manager/bundle of libraries for Unix based operating systems. E17 is designed to be both elegant and fast – two goals it succeeds at very well….

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