What is Adobe Photoshop?

What is adobe Photoshop? Photoshop is software that was created by Adobe Systems users in the year 1990.Since then it has been used in web designing, graphic designing and animation.Actually…

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How can use Array Operators in PHP with Example?

Php union:- ($a+$b) = Work as union means if same value then replace left variable to right variable(for keys that exit both array) ex:- Php Equality:- Key value same but…

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How to use elastic search EC2 discovery plugin?

Problem To increase the performance in Elasticsearch, many times we add new nodes to Elasticsearch cluster and manually change the configuration file with new IP address, etc. so that it…

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Commonly Used Sign- Punctuation and their Name in Perl

Commonly Used Sign- Punctuation and their Name in Perl ( => ) Comma Arrow  ( ‘ ’, “ ”, ‘ ‘, ” “ ) à Quotation marks ( $ ) àDollar sign ( ~…

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Use of p4 duplicate command | P4 Command Guide

Use of p4 duplicate command Problem Area is – Is there any possibility to rename branch name? as directory rename is possible? Solution is – p4 duplicate command What the…

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Difference between use and require in Perl – use Vs require in perl

|| use Vs require in perl || What is the difference between use and require? Except of course that use is evaluated at compile time where as require is evaluated…

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Why and how to use Jetty in mission-critical production

This article is a summary of a seminar I had on the topic. If it seems like it’s a continuation of an existing discussion that’s because, to some extent, it…

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How to Use SVN Tasks with ANT ?

This post is about using ANT to perform some of the most common source-control related tasks such as export, tagging, and branching. I am using ANT version 1.7.0 and SVN…

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