How to login linux server of AWS from windows using putty?

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AWS by default do not allow accessing a linux server using password so only key is allowed. But .pem file which is private key is not supported by PUTTY in windows, however, this putty file can be used in gitbash. So in order to access linux server on AWS using putty, these are steps need to be followed.

Step 1 – Download your .pem file from AWS ec2 instance created.

Step 2 – Download puttygen.exe from or direct url is

Step 3 – Open puttygen.exe and Conversions => Import Key ==> Locate PEM file and ==> Save Private key. Here you need to notice that this would create key but in .ppk format which is supported by Putty.

Step 4 – Download Putty from

Step 5 – Follow Image as below

Step 6 – Follow Image as below

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