How to fix we ran into a problem while connecting to the windows update service

Steps to Fix a Windows 10 update error A current driver on your PC may be better than the driver we are trying to install. We will keep trying to…

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How To fix Some setting are managed by your organization-error in windows 10 PC

This error is occurring on various windows services like windows update and proxy setting, so if you have this type of error notification then how to fix it? 1. The…

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Handy Tips: How to Make or Receive Call/Messages Directly On YOUR PC from your Phone

Are you a person who use to sit in front of your PC most of time and looking for ways or maybe LAZY enough who don’t want to touch phone…

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How to Install PHP on Windows 10 ?

In this blog I am going to show you how to Install PHP 7 in Windows 10:so, First thing you need to go show be in below Click on the…

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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows & Mac | Keyboard shortcuts cheat-sheet

Its really irritate users to  give command to the system for every action by clicking on to the options. It makes us slow while working in the computer/laptops in long…

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What is Octopus Deployment?

Octopus is the deployment automation server for your entire team. It designed to make easy to release and deploy applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Octopus Deploy is a…

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How to login linux server of AWS from windows using putty?

AWS by default do not allow accessing a linux server using password so only key is allowed. But .pem file which is private key is not supported by PUTTY in…

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Kubernetes supports Windows containers

With the release of Kubernetes v1.14, Windows Server node support has officially graduated from beta to stable! This support enables developers and operators with Windows Server based applications to containerize…

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Ansible Error while executing adhoc commands/playbook in windows remote

Error – Failed to connect to the host via ssh Solution – You need to set ansible_connection=winrm to connect to windows [windows] [windows:vars] ansible_connection=winrm Error – auth method ssl…

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Everything – fast file/folder search in Windows

  It is hard and time consuming to search a file/folder in Window 7 and 8. “Everything” is a great tool to solve this issue. Here are some of the…

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How to Resolve Windows Installer Problem

Installation of a program means inserting that particular program in your computer so that it can be executed properly. Some of the software programs can be simply copied to the…

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Customizing the Firefox Installer on Windows

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to customize the Firefox installer on Windows and how to bundle extensions with it. I’ve spent the past few…

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How to Run a Program as an Administrator in Windows

rajeshkumar created the topic: How to Run a Program as an Administrator in Windows How to Run a Program as an Administrator in Windows Good URL- Regards, Rajesh Kumar…

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Windows: “OpenSCManager failed – Access is denied. (0x5)” errors when

scmuser created the topic: Windows: “OpenSCManager failed – Access is denied. (0x5)” errors when Problem: Windows: “OpenSCManager failed – Access is denied. (0x5)” errors when starting Nexus Solution: You need…

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Tips to Fix 1311 Windows Installer Error

deployexpert created the topic: Tips To Fix 1311 Windows Installer Error When you endeavour and install a software application onto your computer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader,error 1311 typically appears….

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Vagrant installation in Centos, Ubuntu and Windows | Vagrant Tutorials

Vagrant installation in ubuntu 1. Update your apt repository > sudo apt-get update 2. Install VirtualBox. > sudo apt-get install virtualbox 3. Install Vagrant. > sudo apt-get install vagrant Vagrant…

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How to Set or Configure Proxy in Linux and Windows System? – scmGalaxy

Setting the proxy configuration in Linux and Windows If you use a proxy server or firewall, you may need to set the http_proxy environment variable in order to access some…

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Location of Docker images in all Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, Redhat, Mac OS X)

Location of Dockers images in all Operating Systems The location of the images vary depending on the driver Docker is using for storage. Actually, Docker images are stored in two…

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How to install chefDK in RHEL, Ubantu, Mac and Windows?

How to install chefDK in RHEL, Ubantu, Mac and Windows? How to install chefDK in RHEL Step 1: Download checfdk from > wget or > curl -o chefdk-0.9.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm…

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Bootstrap a Microsoft Windows node using Chef

Bootstrap a Microsoft Windows node, the “knife windows” plugin is required,  More info about knife window tool, knife bootstrap windows winrm –winrm-user administrator –winrm-password ‘Rx4m7W4PQu’ –node-name firefox_win –run-list…

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