Some new terms of TFSC

  • Repository— The data store containing all files and folders in the TFSC database.
  • Mapping— An association of a repository path with a local working folder on the client computer.
  • Working folder— A directory on the client computer containing a local copy of some subset of the files and folders in a repository.
  • Workspace— A definition of an individual user’s copy of the files from the repository. The workspace contains a reference to the repository and a series of mappings that associate a repository path with a working folder on the user’s computer.
  • Change set— A set of modifications to one or more files/folders that is atomically applied to the repository at check-in.
  • Shelve— The operation of archiving all modifications in the current change set and replacing those files with original copies. The shelved files can be retrieved at a later time for development to be continued. This is my favorite feature.
Mantosh Singh
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