Sonar Vs Squale

Based on feedback of Fabricefrom Squale, Please find a difference between Sonar and Squale

In a nutshell, we could say that Sonar is good at gathering code metrics and displaying them in various visualisations, mainly targeting technical people, while Squale is good at aggregating those metrics into high level factors to address top-level managers.

In facts, Squale and Sonar both: Similarties
– analyse code for different languages
– get metrics from code and store them into a database
– display them so that it is possible to drill down the code and analyse where complexity and risks are

In term of differences:
– Sonar relies on Maven while Squale has not this requirement
– Sonar does not offer advanced quality models to aggregate raw quality data into high level factors
– Squale does not display code in its web interface (we think this is not a major feature as you can only read code but bot modify it: the most important is to have the feedback in the IDE)
– it is a bit more complex to extend Squale, while Sonar has a good extension mechanism

Mantosh Singh
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