Check the exit code of the last command in batch file?

rajeshkumar created the topic: check the exit code of the last command in batch file? Test for a return code greater than or equal to 1: if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo…

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Get the application exit code from a Windows command line?

rajeshkumar created the topic: get the application exit code from a Windows command line? Two ways… (1) The results are stored in a pseudo environment variable named errorlevel so… echo…

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Linux Tutorials: ps commands examples

rajeshkumar created the topic: Useful Command for Process and Jobs in Unix/Linux List out all background Job running in machine i.e. list current jobs > jobs How to sent Job…

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Find command return type

scmuser created the topic: Find command return type I am looking for following answer if anybody can help me out… How to Return a message when a file is not…

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Linux Tutorials: expect commands examples

scmuser created the topic: expect command in unix /linux? Hello, I am doing a project which asks me to enter password 4 times in a row. I need to enter…

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How to find success/failure status of a command in different shells?

rajeshkumar created the topic: How to find success/failure status of a command in different shells? Ksh/Borne/Bash shell $ ls /usr/bin …. # when success value is 0 $ echo $?…

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Run CreateInstall from the command line

created the topic: Run CreateInstall from the command line? Goto page 1, 2 Next Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to use CreateInstall to create an installer package…

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Configure the Knife Command – Chef

We now have to configure the knife command. This command is the central way of communicating with our server and the nodes that we will be configuring. We need to tell it…

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How to Setup AWS Credentials using AWS Command Line Interface?

Setup AWS Credentails using AWS Command Line Interface Install the AWS CLI Using Pip Please click here complete installation guide. Test the AWS CLI Installation [code] $ aws help[/code] Environment…

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Chef frequently used commands collection

To run single recipe using chef-solo > chef-solo -c /opt/chef/repo/config/solo.rb -o my_cookbook::recipe To run the single reciepe in same machine > chef-apply hello.rb To generate the cookbook standard structure >…

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Maven commands Web References & Cheatsheet

Maven CLI Options Reference Options Description -am,–also-make If project list is specified, also build projects required by the list -amd,–also-make-dependents If project list is specified, also build projects that depend…

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Use of p4 duplicate command | P4 Command Guide

Use of p4 duplicate command Problem Area is – Is there any possibility to rename branch name? as directory rename is possible? Solution is – p4 duplicate command What the…

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Basic Perforce Command – P4 Command Reference

Command Description p4 add Open file(s) in a client workspace for addition to the depot. p4 admin Perform administrative operations on the server. p4 branch Create or edit a branch…

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Unix Command: Grep – Quick Reference – Pattern – Examples – Options

Grep scans its input for a pattern, and can display the selected pattern, the line numbers of the filenames where the pattern occurs, The command uses the following syntax grep…

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WinZip commands Web References & Cheatsheet

The default action is to add or replace zipfile entries from list, which can include the special name – to compress standard input. If zipfile and list are omitted, zip…

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Command line switches of devenv.exe | Devenv command line switches Guide

To see this list, type devenv /? on command prompt /build – build the specified solution configuration   /project – specifies the project to build instead of solution, must specify…

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How to run Remote Desktop Console by using command line?

How to run Remote Desktop Console using command line If you may want to run Desktop Console from a batch file, for example RDC over VPN, you can use mstsc…

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How to Install CollabNet SVN Command Line Client in Solaris?

Link: 1. Platform and configuration Product: CollabNet Subversion client Platforms: Solaris 10 SPARC Prerequisite: You must be a superuser (root) to install and uninstall CollabNet Subversion. 2. Import/Update CollabNet…

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