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Best DevOps Trainers in India and Europe

Finding Skilledfull DevOps Trainer is one of most difficult jobs whereas most of the skilled ful DevOps Engineer is being hired by Top Startups and Top Software Company in the world! Usually…

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DevOps Engineer Salary in India and Worldwide

DevOps Engineer Job Trends DevOps engineer ranks #2 on Glassdoor’s best jobs in America and global rankings. The role of DevOps engineer has seen a 225% jump in postings on…

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Importance of DevOps Certification Courses?

Importance of DevOps Certification Courses? The change in the IT sector is happening day by day. If we do not develop our skills, then we will be backward in technology….

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How Can a fresher start their Career as a DevOps engineer?

This is one of the most commonly asked question these days by IT freshers or college graduates that “A fresher can start their Career as DevOps engineer or not?”. So…

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How can you become a successful DevOps Engineer ?

These days in software industry one word is high in trend and that is “DevOps”. Industry experts define DevOps either as a “culture” or “methodology”. But when organizations and companies…

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Linux Tutorials: Complete Reference for Commands & Scripting

Linux User Commands Linux Commands for User Linux Commands reference in scmGalaxy forum Linux Admin Commands Linux Commands for Administrator Main Responsibilities of the Linux System Administrator 20 pmap Commands…

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