Top 50 Apache spark interview questions and answers

Q1. What is RDD? Ans. RDD (Resilient Distribution Datasets) is a fault-tolerant collection of operational elements that run parallel. The partitioned data in RDD is immutable and distributed. Q2. Name…

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Top 50 Nginx Interview questions and answers

1) What is Nginx? Nginx is a type of an open source web server which is especially used for reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and for the HTTP cache….

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Top 100 Ruby Programming interview questions and answers.

1) What is Ruby programming language? Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, open source programming language that aims on simplicity and productivity.Ruby has a blended functions of Perl, small talk, Eiffel,…

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Check if File Exists

msiexpert created the topic: Check if File Exists Using CreateInstall 4. How can I check if a file exists at Program Folders\MySetup\Myprogram.exe? applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: Check if File…

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How to Check File Attributes in Perl ? Perl File Attributes explained

Checking File Attributes in Perl I have been using perl for quite some time now. I have also been using the file handling logic in my scripts. However, what I did…

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How to read XML file by using shell script ?

This was like the first time where I had to write something that will be able to read something out of a XML file using a shell script. Usually I…

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How To Create a Unique SRCSAFE.INI File ?

1. Create a new SRCSAFE.INI file and place it in the desired location. 2. If you want include the default SRCSAFE.INI in the unique copy, add the following line: #INCLUDE…

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File Comparing Tools Review and Feedback

File Comparing Tools review File comparison in computing is the automatic comparing of data between files on a file system. The result of comparisons are typically displayed to the user,…

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