Technology behind Online Portal based on Travel and Tourism

I always had some excitement about travel and tourism industry. World are getting shrink day by day. Different culture and difference in languages is not any more border between two countries. Travel becomes hard core of people life.

I feel this prompted companies like Amadeus, Sabre, TravelPort saw the future and revolution in this arena and started developing complex solution for the people globally.

These companies have changed the model and created a very vast industry with huge opportunities. Rapid growth can be seen in development countries.

There are many entities in Travel and Tourism such as car, bus, train, air, Hotel, Resort, Cruise, guide. Companies like Yatra and makemytrip made available for all in single click.

Have you ever thought how we are booking online tickets for airlines, hotel, bus, train in a just few seconds, we get 100’s of comparative option cheap and best. Options are many, it’s up to you which one to select and make transaction.

Remember those traditional ways when we used to go travel agents and ask for booking for our travel needs(air, bus, train, hotel) and he used to book for us with their limitation with the broad option.

Now booking in just far away from few clicks, have lots of options which one cheap and best services provider.
Have you ever thought how this works? How 100’s of booking options are coming and getting updated each second to the online booking portal? Same time millions of booking request is getting placed and transact? How all this happened?

Now let’s find out how makemytrip and yatra serve online air booking to the customer. There is one entity called GDS. GDS Definition from Wiki…..
“A computer reservations system CRS is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel. Originally designed and operated by airlines, CRSes were later extended for the use of travel agencies; major CRS operations that book and sell tickets for multiple airlines are known as global distribution systems (GDS).”

There are companies like Amadeus, Abacus, Travel port, Sabre and SITA having GDS system which gets data (Booking Information) from Airlines companies like BA or Air India and other Airlines.

GDS system distributes same data with all online booking portals like and This website received the data through web services and serve the online booking for the users.

Here are following portals which we refer for our online booking needs like air ticket booking, Hotel booking, Bus booking, train booking etc.

Following are the top portal for serving online booking solution for travel and tourism need for the people…. ,

Mantosh Singh
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