What is an Azure monitor?

Hi guys, today in this article we will discuss Azure Monitor. The Azure Monitor benefits you maximize the obtainability and performance of your applications and services. It gives you a…

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What are Azure Blueprints?

The Azure blueprints help us to define a continuous set of Azure resources that tools and follows an organization’s values, patterns, and necessities. The development teams can use this feature…

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What is Azure Automanage?

Hi guys, today we will discuss about Azure Automanage.  What are the roles and responsibilities of an Azure Automanager? But before moving to the topic, we should know some important…

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What is Azure Arc?

Hi guys, today we will discuss what Azure Arc is?  What are the roles and responsibilities of an Azure Arc? But before moving to the topic, we should know some…

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What is Azure Advisor?

Hi guys, today we will discuss what Azure Advisor is?  What are the roles and responsibilities of an Azure Advisor? But before moving to the topic, we should know some…

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What is Azure Automation?

Introduction of Azure Automation Automation is a fronton leader of all IT solutions for businesses. If a method is redundant, you employ technological resources to change it. If a method…

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What are Azure Communication Services?

Reasons You Should Start Using Azure Communication Services Effective communication has always been a key to the success of every company. This spread of pandemic has completely changed the way…

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What is Azure Lab Services?

Microsoft released in February 2019 a new service called Azure Lab service. Azure Labs is a cloud based computer lab Created by Microsoft that allows schools and other organizations to…

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What is Rancher and How to learn Rancher?

What is Rancher? Rancher is an open source platform for Kubernetes Management. It makes it really simple to create clusters, manage multiple Kubernetes clusters and gives a nice user interface…

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LinkerD – What, Why, Benefits, and Differences With Istio?

What is Linkerd? Linkerd is an open source service mesh counted as the lightest and fastest service mesh developed to be deployed into a variety of container schedulers and frameworks…

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5 Key Principles of DevOps transformation

Exposure:- In DevOps culture everyone gets exposure about the complete process. If you will see Developers are taking on-call responsibilities and handle more IT things, in this way they are…

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Top 21 PPTs, PDF & Slides submission websites in 2021

What is PPT Submission in SEO? PPT submission is one of the most effective off-page techniques of SEO. It is created to get backlinks and it is created in PowerPoint….

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What is Dofollow links and Nofollow links with Importance in SEO?

What is Dofollow links? First of all, i want to inform you about Dofollow links, It allow all search engines (Google) to follow them and reach our website. Giving us link…

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What are Rich snippets, Benefits and How does use?

What are Rich snippets? Rich snippets are segments of code that indicate the search engines about the details and information a webpage contains. It is the featured text that appears…

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What is SEO?

“SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization”, It is a process of improving a website in many ways that help rank in search results for shown in the top in search engine…

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Advantage of Online Training at scmGalaxy | DevOps Training Online | Build and Release Training

Convenient and Easy The Internet provides online training participants with easy and convenient access. Open an Internet browser and employees are up and running quickly. Less “What should be done”,…

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Static vs dynamic code analysis: Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the advantages and limitations of static and dynamic software code analysis? Maj. Michael Kleffman of the Air Force’s Application Software Assurance Center of Excellence spelled it out. Static…

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What is Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) ? – Complete Guide

Introduction The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of concepts and practices for managing Information Technology (IT) services (ITSM), IT development and IT operations. Purpose ITIL stresses service…

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SCM Benefits the Organization in Four Major Ways – SCM Process Benefits

SCM benefits an organization in four areas: control, management, cost savings, and quality. These four benefits are mapped to an organization’s overall goals and objectives when the decisions are made to bring a SCM tool in-house. The features of a SCM tool further support these benefits.
SCM Benefits the Organization in Four Major Ways

Control in SCM provides the ability to review, approve, and incorporate changes into a configuration item. There must be one controlling SCM tool so that there is only one set of training, license management, installation, and user procedures. All project personnel use the tool. Inherent in the tool is a standardized, measurable process for change. Integrity maintenance of CIs is enforced throughout the product life cycle. The tool permits only controlled change to the baseline CIs, and all changes are tracked.

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Benefits of CVSNT, What are the advantages of CVSNT over CVS ?

Advantages of CVSNT over CVS Feature CVSNT CVS Server Supports authentication via Microsoft Active Directory or SSH (windows only) YES NO Set enforced protocols allow server to lock out clients…

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