What skills are required to become an SRE Engineer OR Site Reliability Engineer?

SRE is a concept of continuous analysis of the infrastructure from the reliability perspective, revolve around optimizing the infrastructure, toolkit, workflows, and removing the performance bottlenecks like latency, outage, or…

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Udeploy aka urbancode deploy Role, Team, Users and groups explained!!

IBM UrbanCode products use a role- and team-based security system. Permissions are assigned to roles, not to users. In IBM UrbanCode Deploy, for instance, roleless users can only access their…

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DevOps Role for Operations Team

First of all, we should know what Operations Team does. So, I will start with responsibilities of operations team and will move forward to see DevOps role in Operations at…

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Introducing Team Foundation Build 2010 | TFS 2010 Training

Introducing Team Foundation Build 2010 Introduction Build Automation Flickr’s Continuous Deployment Why Automate the Build? Team Build Overview Demo: Team Build Overview Machines, Controllers, and Agents Build System Topologies Build…

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Top 4 open source alternatives to Slack for team collaboration and Chat

Off course Slack is market leader in terms team collaboration and Chat but here are the list of 4 open source alternatives to Slack for team collaboration and Chat. Slack  Slack…

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Useful Tips to Make Team Building Exercises Effective and Successful

Hi, I am prabhakar, i have read an article about Team Building and i would like to share it with you.All successful businesses and organizations know that teamwork and team…

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