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What is the future of SRE roles?

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In the tech industry, these days SRE engineering is one of the hottest and most demanding job roles.

According to LinkedIn recent reports, being an SRE is the second most promising job in the USA.

These statistics will help you to understand it.

  • Median Base Salary: $200,000
  • Job Openings (YoY Growth): 1,400+ (72%)
  • Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 9

As technology continues to permeate our everyday lives, the demand for SRE positions in technology is expected to increase even more. Simply put, these engineers are critical to the maintenance and proper functioning of all development and operational processes.

What Does an SRE Do?

Site reliability engineers create a bridge between development and operations by applying a software engineering mindset to system administration topics.

Site Reliability Engineering is the application of software engineering to operational problems. The word ‘Reliability’ means an SRE has a particular role in an organisation and the Software Development Life Cycle. SREs teach application developers how to build reliable services. Next to that, they ensure that the systems of an organisation run correctly, 24/7. Security, stability and scalability are very important here. The business wants reliable services.

Therefore, these days SRE is a crucial role within an organization. Generally SRE engineer’s responsiblites includes below mnetioned tasks:

  • Develop and manage scalable, secure and stable systems
  • Conduct Incident analysis
  • Analyze performance and create improvement plans
  • Monitor efficiency systems
  • Manage risks
  • Automate manual tasks within the SDLC
  • Build automated service tools, logs and test environments to ease the engineers’ workload
  • Implement new features
  • Select infrastructure tools
  • Adapt environments to increasing or decreasing numbers of users

What is in a typical SRE Toolbox?

A Site Reliability Engineer works with the following software, languages, and tools:

  • SDLC Models & Architecture with Agile, DevOps, SRE & DevSecOps, SOA & Micro services – Concept
  • Platform – Operating Systems – Centos/Ubuntu & VirtualBox & Vagrant
  • Platform – Cloud – AWS
  • Platform – Containers – Docker
  • Planning and Designing – Jira & Confluence
  • Source Code Versioning – Git using Github
  • Webserver – Apache HTTP & Nginx
  • Configuration & Deployment Management – Ansible
  • Container Orchestration – Kubernetes & Helm Introduction
  • Infrastructure Coding – Terraform
  • Services mesh Data planes & Control Planes – Envoy & Istio
  • Network configurations and Service Discovery – Consul
  • Continuous Integration – Jenkins
  • Securing credentials – HashiCorp Vault & SSL & Certificates
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Tool 1 – Datadog
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Tool 2 – Prometheus with Grafana
  • Log Monitoring Tool 1 – Splunk
  • Log Monitoring Tool 2 – ELK stake
  • Performance & RUM Monitoring – NewRelic
  • Emergency Response & Alerting & Chat & Notification SMTP, SES, SNS,Pagerduty & Slack – Pagerduty & Slack

As you can see, an SRE must have Development and Operations skills to automate the manual skills of a development team.

How to Become an SRE engineer?

In the current trend, certified SRE engineers are high in demand. But it is not an easy skillset to learn.

An SRE job demands development and operations both skills – kind of Pi-shaped skill set. For this job role, an SRE has to be skilled in both departments; not just one or the other, which makes SRE a very demanding and practical career.

Most SREs have a software development or system and networking engineering background or education.

So, we have tried to cover a list of things an SRE needs to know. Let’s see where you can learn many of these skills.

Please refer to DevOpsSchool’s “Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Certified Professional Training” course and become a certified professional of SRE skillsets.

With this SRE training and certification course, you will get a solid understanding of all the principles, concepts, and tools which required to become an expert of SRE job roles. The earlier you start and get certified in this skillset, the better it will be for you. Learning SRE is not going to be a cakewalk. However, with proper mentoring under experts SRE trainers and your sincere efforts, you can master the SRE skillsets. Take a leap of faith with this SRE training and bear witness to the new heights that your professional career will reach as you battle for a successful career in the industry.


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