10 Best Tools and Certifications For SRE Engineers To Have In CV – 2022

The ability for SRE engineers to prove their expertise isn’t always straightforward. Having SRE certification is one way for employers and potential job candidates to validate and demonstrate their skills, offering a competitive edge over others vying for the same positions.

We’ve put together a complete guide on SRE certification including some of the top certifications currently in demand which a SRE engineers should have with them.

Of course, SRE is not a single tool. Rather, it’s an entire practice and culture that combines with multiple tools and technology. This means one certification is not enough to make yourself different from the crowd. Instead, a variety of certifications prove beneficial for SRE practitioners based on the industry needs and trends.

SREs, or site reliability engineers, are responsible for a variety of tasks. They assist developers in incorporating reliability into their apps. They manage SLAs and SLOs. They play a key role in incident management and incident response.

SREs rely largely on observability and monitoring for all of these functions. Although other areas of the IT organization normally assist with observability and monitoring, in today’s cloud-native world, SREs can’t accomplish their work effectively without observability and monitoring tools and data.

1. SRE Certified Professional (SRECP):-

The Site Reliability Engineering Certified Professional (SRECP) certification course by DevOpsSchool will help you to learn the principles & practices that allows an organization to reliably and economically scale critical services. This SRE certification is intended to provide individuals an understanding of SRE concepts and how SRE is used to improve operational activities by applying Site Reliability Engineering principles and engineering practices in the Software Development Lifecycle. The SRE certification itself does not have any prerequisites, this certification is designed for both experienced and prospective site reliability engineers.

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2. Project management and issue tracking: such as Jira and Confluence:-

Most of the professionals know Atlassian for Jira tool. It’s an application for tracking issues and Confluence, a product for keeping a database, sharing documents, and collaboration of the team which helps us to release a high-quality software. More than 135 000 clients use JIRA and confluence to run their organizations. Because these two tools really maked it easy to collaborate efficiently on projects and deliver on time. Therefore, without giving a second thought you can go for this tools certification to make yourself stand out from the crowd as a SRE engineer.

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3. Infrastructure Coding – Terraform

Terraform is a powerful technology that enables businesses to build similar infrastructure across variety of cloud and on-premise platforms while maintaining security. However, as cloud infrastructure has grown in popularity, so has demand for related technologies. So, learning Terraform can offer SRE engineers bigger opportunities in their professional lives while helping them upskill themselves. There is also a certification exam – Terraform Certified Associate – that you can clear to land more opportunities as an SRE engineer. This certification exam help aspirants to validate their infrastructure automation skills and the Terraform tool and same time it gives credibility.

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4. Continuous Integration – Jenkins

Certified Jenkins Engineer – SRE engineers can have the certification in one of the most adopted CI/CD Automation platform that supports automation across development, deployment, and testing of any project – JENKINS. It is one of the notable automation tools that have revolutionized the complete software development process in recent times. The opportunities for a promising SRE job will get higher if you would have the Jenkins certification.

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5. Infrastructure Monitoring Tool – Datadog

Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform made to be incredibly powerful yet very easy to use. But to take full advantage of all that the platform offers, we suggest taking the certification exam for Datadog and whie having the prepration will help you to learn this tool all-around. By the end of the exam and Datadog certification, you will have a full understanding of how to use and work with dashboards, how to setup alerting, working with APM and Logs, and using Synthetics.

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6. Infrastructure Monitoring Tool – Prometheus with Grafana

Prometheus and Grafana has become the industry standard for monitoring applications and services. Together they make a very powerful combination and allow users to store large amounts of metrics that they can easily slice and break down to understand how their system is behaving. Both tools are open-source, are widely available, and have a big community behind them. They are more than capable of meeting the needs of large and small businesses alike. Thus, having the certification on Prometheus and Grafana is good for you SRE role.

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7. Log Monitoring Tool – Splunk

Getting Certifications in Splunk are well worth your time, effort, and money. In IT industries, such as programming or machine learning, certificates usually don’t mean much; companies prefer practical skills.

When it comes to Splunk, though, qualifications are really valuable. A Splunk certificate verifies that you spent the money, time and more important efforts to pass the exam. It also demonstrates that you’re capable of working with Splunk and are familiar with the software. Certifications offer a lot of value to your resume and become increasingly important as you advance in your career.

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8. Log Monitoring Tool – ELK stake

Elastic Certified Engineer is an official certification for ELK stack which is a great way to make yourself stand out in your industry. ELK Stack is not just a buzzword, it’s here to stay and if you want to evalute then just check out their impressive customer portfolio where names like Adobe, T-Mobile, Audi, Happy fresh, H-E-B, InGram,DElhivery are only few names. They’ve become the de facto choice for enterprise search and centralised logging thanks to their array of products (among other observability solutions).

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9. Performance & RUM Monitoring – NewRelic

New Relic is a cloud-based platform focused on observability, telemetry, and performance monitoring. It is primarily aimed at large-scale companies and is used to track the performance characteristics of distributed services and applications within a single dashboard.

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10. Incident management/on-call: such as PagerDuty and VictorOps:-

  • PagerDuty is an incident response technology built on the cloud that specialises in on-call rotations and incident management. It can work with a wide range of providers and services, and it performs admirably in real-world scenarios. The company’s pricing structure is reasonable, and the product is appropriate for a wide range of organisations. Installing the native software allows you to receive calls and notifications on your phone or smartwatch.
  • VictorOps is now Splunk On-Call is another strong option for an enterprise-level incident response system. If your company currently utilises Splunk, it’s a good idea to leverage its on-call feature as well.

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Like technology, companies are also evolving, and every company and enterprises regardless of industry is on the way to becoming a tech company.

Engineers who earn one of these crucial SRE certificates ensure that they are not only competitive in their sector but also ahead of the curve in terms of business and technology.

All these toolsets to learn and get certified may seem surprising. But make your mindset you can learn all these things, it’s all about practice and approach. Learning new things without support many times is not a good decision. If you want to save your time. You may take help from the DevOpsSchool – we offer all the above SRE tools training and certification programs along with SRE certification.

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