Debugging LaunchAnywhere Launched Executables

deployexpert created the topic: Debugging LaunchAnywhere Launched Executables
Since InstallAnywhere installers use LaunchAnywhere executables, the above
procedures are also useful for debugging installed applications that make use of the
LaunchAnywhere Java launcher technology. Generally, however, it’s quite simple to
alter the LAX file to allow the launcher to always generate output. This behavior can
then be changed upon qualification and final release.

To generate debug output:
1. In the InstallAnywhere Advanced Designer, highlight the launcher.
2. Click the Edit Properties button.
3. Alter the values for the following variables:
lax.stderr.redirect= AND lax.stdout.redirect= to be:
lax.stderr.redirect=output.txt AND lax.stdout.redirect=output.txt
4. After a normal installation, edit the .lax file as described in the preceding
5. This procedure will have to be repeated for each installation.

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