Dynatrace Tutorials: How to Generate a Dynatrace API Token

To configure the SL1 system to monitor Dynatrace resources using the DynatracePowerPack, you must first
generate a Dynatrace API token.
To do so:

  1. Log in to your Dynatrace portal. On the left menu, click Settings > Integration > Dynatrace API. The
    Dynatrace API page appears.
  2. Click the [Generate Token] button.
  1. In the blank box that appears, type a token name, and then activate (at a minimum) the “Access problem and
    event feed, metrics, topology, and RUM JavaScript tag management” permission.
  2. Click [Generate] to generate the API token.
  1. The newly generated API token appears in your list of API tokens. Ensure that the Disable/enable switch is
  2. Optionally, if you want to verify the token, you can use an API tool like Postman or cURL to send a
    GET request for your Dynatrace environment, and then attach the token to the Api-Token realm for the
    Authorization HTTP header. For example:
    curl –request GET \
    –url https:///e/.live.dynatrace.com
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