Top 21 Local Search Engine and Local Business Listing websites in 2021-22

Today, after the pandemic more than 90% of online experiences start with Search Engines. When someone wants to find businesses, products, services, or maybe any kind of query they first…

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22 Google My Business Post Ideas

Share valuable tips and tricks about your services, business, products Share a relevant blog post Share a list of myths or misconceptions in your industry Share job offers Share pictures…

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Facebook: Small business grants program

After all the suffering due to pandemic/covid19 here is one good news for small businesses. Facebook launched one program “Facebook Small Business Grants Programme” where FACEBOOK gives business owners an…

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Top 6 Installments Payment Solutions For Online Customers/Businesses

“A customer is not a customer until they click pay button.” As an online service provider, it’s our responsibility to make clicking that button as easy as possible for our…

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Enhance your Business with – Google My Business – All you need to know

20 Google My Business Daily/Weekly and Monthly Routines to follow for Rankings One Time Activity:- Complete your business information Business name Select your business category Business location Add your logo…

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Top Tasks to be Performed to Improve Website Ranking on Google My Business.

Any business today needs targeted visibility on Google.  Google my business highlights your best features and enables potential customers to quickly find, learn about, and engage with you. Google My…

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Fundamentals of SEO and How to SEO important for your business?

Fundamentals of SEO SEO means Search engine optimization. It is used to increase the ranking of your website. Any website is created so that people can see it. But you…

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Discover excellent home based business reviews – earn 15KUSD/month

Lalktruralt created the topic: Discover excellent home based business reviews – earn 15KUSD/month One day I was surfing web and suddenly I discovered site named I learned how to…

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Useful Tips to Make Team Building Exercises Effective and Successful

Hi, I am prabhakar, i have read an article about Team Building and i would like to share it with you.All successful businesses and organizations know that teamwork and team…

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Cloud Computing and ROI

Cloud Computing and ROI Most think cloud computing is about the ability to save operational costs. That may or may not be the case, depending upon your enterprise or ecommerce…

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SCM Benefits the Organization in Four Major Ways – SCM Process Benefits

SCM benefits an organization in four areas: control, management, cost savings, and quality. These four benefits are mapped to an organization’s overall goals and objectives when the decisions are made to bring a SCM tool in-house. The features of a SCM tool further support these benefits.
SCM Benefits the Organization in Four Major Ways

Control in SCM provides the ability to review, approve, and incorporate changes into a configuration item. There must be one controlling SCM tool so that there is only one set of training, license management, installation, and user procedures. All project personnel use the tool. Inherent in the tool is a standardized, measurable process for change. Integrity maintenance of CIs is enforced throughout the product life cycle. The tool permits only controlled change to the baseline CIs, and all changes are tracked.

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