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22 Google My Business Post Ideas

  1. Share valuable tips and tricks about your services, business, products
  2. Share a relevant blog post
  3. Share a list of myths or misconceptions in your industry
  4. Share job offers
  5. Share pictures of your classes/employees/trainers working in office or classes
  6. Share a review or feedback shared by client or customer
  7. Explain how a training you offer changes the way you work
  8. Share industry-relevant statistics
  9. Share appealing images and videos – of real humans – to boost trust and credibility.
  10. Explain a service in detail
  11. Share your social channels and don’t forget to explain why people should follow you
  12. Promote an upcoming local event by using the event tab
  13. Create a new offers
  14. Add a product.
  15. Share a short list of FAQ
  16. Share a popular meme, jokes or funny picture from your industry
  17. Share posts about trending topics from your industry
  18. Re-share old but still relevant content
  19. Post a video testimonial or share a text/image testimonial with a screenshot
  20. Share your Google reviews (Marketing Kit –
  21. Create a top ten list
  22. Share and promote a new product or service that you’ve just added to your list
Mantosh Singh