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How to Use Postman API Client.

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This is the interface with which we will work a lot throughout this course, and which allows you to send requests to RESTful APIs, It looks a bit like a browser with different tabs here, and this bar to enter a URL. Notice that you have a drop-down on the left of the top bar, which allows you to specify
different types of HTTP requests you want to send, and this will become important throughout this article where we will not only send Get request but also PostPutPatch, and much more.

Lets take an Example to understand better.

I’m taking example of google map API where i’ll make a GET Request to get data from Google Map. Lets Open our Postman and follow the below steps :-

Fill the API link to get data. Basic URL is given below :-

1. GET Method

Set the method as GET and fill the URL and click on Send.

2. POST Method

Set the method as POST, fill the URL, in Params fill the Key and Key_Value as your table in database, i have Name, Price , and Stock to fill in database so I’ve filled all and click on Send. See the Below ScreenShot to Understand better.