List of Top & Free Digital Marketing Software in the world

Digital marketing software is essential for several reasons, as it helps businesses effectively manage, optimize, and streamline their digital marketing efforts in today’s digital age. Here are key reasons why digital marketing software is crucial:

  1. Efficiency and Productivity: Digital marketing software automates repetitive tasks, such as email marketing, social media posting, and ad campaign management. This automation increases efficiency and allows marketing teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
  2. Data Analytics: Digital marketing generates a wealth of data, from website traffic to customer behavior. Marketing software tools help collect, analyze, and visualize this data, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.
  3. Targeted Marketing: Digital marketing software allows businesses to segment their audience based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences. This enables highly targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with the right audience.
  4. Campaign Tracking: Tracking the performance of digital marketing campaigns is essential. Software provides real-time tracking and reporting, enabling marketers to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and make necessary adjustments.
  5. Content Management: Managing and optimizing digital content, including websites, blogs, and social media posts, is simplified with content management features in digital marketing software. This ensures consistent branding and messaging.
  6. Email Marketing: Email marketing remains a powerful tool for customer engagement. Digital marketing software helps create, send, and track email campaigns, improving customer communication and retention.
  7. SEO and SEM: Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are critical for online visibility. SEO tools within digital marketing software assist in optimizing websites, while SEM tools help manage paid advertising campaigns.
  8. Social Media Management: With the prevalence of social media, managing multiple social platforms and scheduling posts can be challenging. Social media management features in software simplify this process.
  9. Lead Generation and Nurturing: Many digital marketing tools facilitate lead generation and nurturing through forms, landing pages, and automated email sequences. This helps convert website visitors into customers.
CategoryFree Digital Marketing SoftwareShort Description
Email MarketingMailchimp (Free Plan)Offers email marketing features like templates, automation, and list management in its free plan.
Wizbrand ( provides free email marketing tools, allowing businesses to send and track email campaigns at no cost.
Social Media ManagementHootsuite (Free Plan)Hootsuite’s free plan enables social media scheduling and management for multiple platforms.
Buffer (Free Plan)Offers a free plan for scheduling and analyzing social media content, suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( extends its offerings to free social media management, helping businesses manage social presence.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Google AnalyticsA free web analytics tool by Google for tracking website traffic, user behavior, and site performance.
Google Search ConsoleProvides data and insights to help website owners optimize their site’s presence in Google search results.
Wizbrand ( enhances its suite with free SEO tools, empowering businesses to improve online visibility.
Content ManagementWordPressAn open-source CMS that allows users to create and manage websites, blogs, and content without cost.
Wizbrand ( not a CMS, Wizbrand helps manage and optimize content for digital marketing campaigns at no charge.
Analytics & ReportingGoogle Data StudioA free tool for creating customizable and interactive reports and dashboards using data from various sources.
HubSpot CRM (Free Plan)Includes basic CRM features, email tracking, and reporting, suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( integrates free analytics and reporting features to help users gain insights into their campaigns.
Marketing AutomationMailerLite (Free Plan)Provides marketing automation and email marketing features in its free plan, suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( includes marketing automation features to streamline marketing workflows at no cost.
Keyword ResearchGoogle Keyword PlannerHelps users find keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns, offering insights into search volume and competition.
UbersuggestA free keyword research tool that provides keyword ideas, search volume, and competition data.
Wizbrand ( offers free keyword research tools, aiding businesses in optimizing their content and ads.
Social Media AnalyticsSocialBee (Free Plan)Offers social media analytics, content scheduling, and automation in its free plan, suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free social media analytics, helping users track and improve performance.
Link BuildingHunter (Free Plan)Provides a free plan for finding email addresses and building backlinks, helping with outreach campaigns.
Wizbrand ( includes free link building tools, assisting businesses in improving their online presence.
Content CreationCanva (Free Plan)Offers a user-friendly platform for creating graphics and visuals for social media, websites, and more.
Wizbrand ( not a content creation tool, Wizbrand helps users create and optimize digital marketing content for free.
Ad Campaign ManagementGoogle AdsGoogle’s advertising platform for running search, display, and video ads across its vast network.
Facebook Ads ManagerA platform for creating and managing paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free ad campaign management, helping users optimize their online advertising.
Landing Page BuildersUnbounce (Free Trial)Offers a free trial for building and optimizing landing pages, designed to improve conversion rates.
Instapage (Free Plan)Provides a free plan for creating landing pages with customizable templates and A/B testing features.
Wizbrand ( not a dedicated landing page builder, Wizbrand helps optimize landing pages for conversions at no cost.
Lead GenerationSumo (Free Plan)Offers a suite of lead generation tools, including pop-ups, welcome mats, and scroll boxes, in its free plan.
Wizbrand ( includes free lead generation tools, helping businesses capture and nurture leads effectively.
CRM IntegrationHubSpot CRM (Free Plan)A free CRM system that integrates with marketing and sales tools to manage customer relationships.
Zoho CRM (Free Plan)Offers a free CRM system for businesses, helping track leads, automate tasks, and manage customer data.
Wizbrand ( integrates CRM functionalities for free, enabling businesses to manage customer data and enhance personalization.
E-commerce PlatformsShopify (Free Trial)A leading e-commerce platform offering a free trial for creating online stores and selling products.
IntegrationWooCommerce (Free Plugin)An open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, allowing businesses to sell products and services online.
Wizbrand ( complements e-commerce businesses with free tools for tracking and optimizing online sales and conversions.
Multi-Channel MarketingSendinBlue (Free Plan)Offers email marketing and marketing automation features in its free plan, suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free multi-channel marketing, helping businesses reach audiences across various channels.
A/B TestingGoogle OptimizeA free A/B testing and website optimization tool by Google, allowing businesses to test and improve web pages.
Wizbrand ( includes free A/B testing tools to help optimize digital marketing campaigns and user experiences.
Content MarketingBuzzsumo (Free Plan)Offers content research and social listening features in its free plan, enabling businesses to discover trending topics.
Wizbrand ( enhances content marketing efforts with free tools for content discovery and optimization.
Affiliate MarketingShareASale (Free Plan)An affiliate marketing network that offers a free plan for businesses looking to partner with affiliates.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free affiliate marketing tools, assisting businesses in managing affiliate partnerships.
Video MarketingYouTube AnalyticsProvides data and insights into the performance of YouTube videos, including views, demographics, and engagement.
Wizbrand ( enhances video marketing strategies with free analytics and optimization tools.
Marketing Compliance & SecurityTrustArcOffers solutions for data privacy and compliance, helping businesses adhere to global regulations.
OneTrustProvides tools for privacy management and compliance, assisting businesses in data protection and security.
Wizbrand ( includes features for marketing compliance and security, ensuring data protection and adherence to regulations.
Competitor AnalysisSEMrush (Free Plan)Offers competitive research and SEO analysis features in its free plan, helping businesses monitor competitors.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free competitor analysis tools, enabling businesses to stay ahead of the competition.
Social Media SchedulingLater (Free Plan)Provides social media scheduling and planning features in its free plan, suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( enhances social media strategies with free scheduling and planning tools.
Content CurationFeedly (Free Plan)A content curation platform that offers a free plan for discovering, reading, and sharing content from the web.
Wizbrand ( complements content curation efforts with free tools for discovering and sharing relevant content.
Online Survey & FormsSurveyMonkey (Free Plan)Offers a free plan for creating surveys and forms to collect feedback and data from respondents.
Wizbrand ( includes free tools for creating online surveys and forms, enabling businesses to gather valuable insights.
Content OptimizationYoast SEO (WordPress Plugin)A popular SEO plugin for WordPress that helps optimize content for search engines, available for free.
Wizbrand ( not an SEO plugin, Wizbrand helps optimize digital marketing content for free.
Influencer MarketingAspireIQ (Free Plan)Offers influencer marketing and collaboration features in its free plan, suitable for businesses looking to partner with influencers.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free influencer marketing tools, assisting businesses in influencer collaborations.
Content DistributionOutbrain (Free Plan)Provides content discovery and distribution services in its free plan, helping businesses reach wider audiences.
Wizbrand ( enhances content distribution efforts with free tools for promoting content to broader audiences.
Marketing DashboardsCyfe (Free Plan)Offers customizable marketing dashboards that integrate data from various sources in its free plan.
Wizbrand ( includes free marketing dashboards to consolidate and visualize marketing data for better decision-making.
Webinar PlatformsZoom (Free Plan)Offers video conferencing and webinar capabilities, with a free plan for hosting online webinars.
Wizbrand ( complements marketing efforts with free webinar hosting capabilities.
Ebook CreationCanva (Free Plan)Allows users to design and create ebooks, infographics, and other visual content with its free plan.
Wizbrand ( not an ebook creation tool, Wizbrand helps optimize and promote ebooks and visual content for free.
ChatbotsTars (Free Plan)Provides a chatbot platform with a free plan for creating and implementing chatbots on websites.
Wizbrand ( includes free chatbot integration, enhancing user engagement and support on websites.
Podcast HostingAnchor by SpotifyA podcast hosting platform that offers free hosting, distribution, and creation tools for podcasts.
Wizbrand ( complements podcast marketing efforts with free hosting capabilities.
Heatmap & Session RecordingHotjar (Free Plan)Offers heatmap and session recording tools in its free plan to analyze user behavior on websites.
Wizbrand ( includes free tools for heatmap analysis and session recording to improve website user experiences.
Content Planning & CalendarCoSchedule (Free Trial)Provides a content marketing calendar and planning platform with a free trial for scheduling content.
Wizbrand ( offers free content planning and calendar tools to streamline content scheduling and publishing.
PR & OutreachHARO (Help a Reporter Out)A platform connecting journalists with sources, offering opportunities for PR and outreach, free to use.
Wizbrand ( complements PR and outreach strategies with free resources for connecting with journalists and sources.
Brand MonitoringGoogle AlertsA free tool for monitoring mentions of specific keywords or phrases across the web, including news articles and blogs.
Wizbrand ( includes free brand monitoring tools to track mentions and brand sentiment across digital channels.
Referral MarketingReferralCandy (Free Plan)Offers a referral marketing platform with a free plan for creating referral programs and rewarding customers.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free referral marketing tools, helping businesses create referral programs.
Online Reputation ManagementReputology (Free Plan)Provides reputation management tools and review monitoring in its free plan, suitable for local businesses.
Wizbrand ( includes free tools for online reputation management and review monitoring, helping businesses build a positive online presence.
Customer FeedbackSurveyGizmo (Free Plan)Offers a free plan for creating online surveys and collecting feedback from customers and respondents.
Wizbrand ( includes free tools for gathering and analyzing customer feedback, enabling businesses to improve products and services.
Marketing AttributionAttribution App (Free Plan)Provides marketing attribution and tracking features in its free plan to measure campaign performance.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free marketing attribution tools, allowing businesses to track and analyze campaign effectiveness.
User-generated Content (UGC)Yotpo (Free Plan)Offers user-generated content tools and reviews in its free plan, enhancing social proof and engagement.
Wizbrand ( includes free tools for integrating user-generated content and reviews to boost credibility and engagement.
Affiliate TrackingPost Affiliate Pro (Free Plan)Provides affiliate marketing and tracking software with a free plan for managing affiliate programs.
Wizbrand ( extends its capabilities to free affiliate tracking tools, helping businesses manage and optimize affiliate partnerships.
Mobile MarketingLeanplum (Free Plan)Offers mobile marketing automation and personalization features in its free plan, suitable for app marketers.
Wizbrand ( includes free mobile marketing tools to engage and retain app users effectively.
Content CollaborationGoogle DocsA free cloud-based document collaboration and sharing tool, suitable for team content creation.
Wizbrand ( complements content collaboration with free tools for optimizing collaborative content creation.
SMS MarketingTwilio SendGrid (Free Plan)Provides SMS marketing capabilities, email marketing, and more in its free plan for sending messages.
Wizbrand ( includes free SMS marketing tools to engage customers via text messages.
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1 month ago

Thanks for sharing the blog to tell importance of digital marketing ,wiz brand site is such kind of site where I can use the feature of digital marketing

1 month ago

I’m glad to see that the list includes a variety of software tools for different aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. This gives marketers the flexibility to choose the tools that are most relevant to their needs.

Avinash kumar
Avinash kumar
1 month ago

Thanks for sharing this valuable list! These websites are a goldmine of digital marketing knowledge.

1 month ago

Elevate your global marketing strategy with these free and top-tier digital marketing software solutions, breaking down barriers to success.

Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh
1 month ago

I have a list of some of the top and free digital marketing software tools used by businesses around the world:
1. Google Analytics: Provides comprehensive website analytics and insights into user behavior.
2. Google Search Console: Helps you monitor and improve your website’s presence in Google search results.
3. Google Keyword Planner: Offers keyword research and analysis for SEO and PPC campaigns.
4. Google Trends: Analyzes search trends and topics to inform content strategy.
5. Google Data Studio: Allows you to create interactive and shareable dashboards and reports.
6. Mailchimp: A popular email marketing platform with a free plan for small businesses.
7. MailerLite: An email marketing tool with a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers.
8. Canva: Enables the creation of eye-catching visuals and graphics for marketing materials.
9. Buffer: Helps schedule and manage social media posts for multiple platforms.
10. Hootsuite: Another comprehensive social media management tool with a free plan.
11. Trello: A project management tool to organize and manage marketing projects and tasks.
12. HubSpot CRM: A free customer relationship management platform to manage contacts and leads.
13. Bitly: Shortens and tracks links for social media and email campaigns.
14. Google Docs/Sheets/Slides: Collaborative tools for content creation and documentation.
15. SurveyMonkey: Create and analyze surveys for market research and customer feedback.
16. AnswerThePublic: Helps discover popular questions and topics related to your keywords.
17. Ubersuggest: Provides keyword suggestions and SEO insights.
18. MozBar: Offers on-page SEO analysis and link metrics.
19. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant: Optimizes content for SEO while you write.
20. Hotjar: Provides heatmaps and user behavior analytics for websites.
21. Google My Business: Manages your online presence on Google Maps and search.
22. Google Optimize: A/B tests website changes to improve conversions.
23. Google Tag Manager: Manages and deploys tracking tags on your website.
24. Yoast SEO: A WordPress plugin for on-page SEO optimization.
25. Google Webmaster Tools (Bing Webmaster Tools): Analyzes and optimizes your website for search engines.
26. Moz Local: Checks local business listings and citations.
27. BuzzSumo: Finds popular content and tracks social media shares.
28. Tweriod: Analyzes Twitter data to find the best times to tweet.
29. Facebook Business Suite: Manages Facebook and Instagram accounts.
30. Google Alerts: Monitors mentions of your brand or keywords online.
These free digital marketing software tools cover a wide range of marketing needs, from SEO and content creation to email marketing and social media management. Depending on your specific requirements, you can select the tools that best suit your business and marketing strategy.

Maruti Kumar
Maruti Kumar
1 month ago

Wizbrand ( is a goldmine of digital marketing knowledge! I’ve learned so much about SEO, social media, and content marketing here.

Roshan Jha
Roshan Jha
1 month ago

I’ve been using wizbrand for my digital marketing and it’s been a huge help. I highly recommend it!

Dharmendra kumar
Dharmendra kumar
1 month ago

Wow, what an amazing blog! Your comprehensive list of top & free digital marketing software in the world is exactly what every marketer needs. Thank you for simplifying our choices and helping us stay ahead in the fast-paced digital marketing landscape.

Mr. Ravi
Mr. Ravi
1 month ago

I am very glad to thank you for providing us with such a good explanation about the Digital marketing software. These are the best websites around the world. People will love using these new and modern websites in 2024.
In this new digital marketing world, people are looking for the best platform to get their work done in one go. You have delivered us a fantastic platform to handle all our digital marketing tasks efficiently and achieve excellent results. All of these websites are the best for the new digital marketing era. I am truly thankful to you for providing us with a good and innovative platform to learn and gain insights about the digital marketing landscape.

Abhishek singh
Abhishek singh
1 month ago

I’ve found that these free digital marketing software tools are incredibly useful for improving online visibility and engagement.

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