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Top Tips, Tricks and Checklist for Bloggers for quality blogs

Each Post Must contain following Specification:

1How many minimum Paragraphs10 para
2Lines of each Paragraph4-5 lines
3How many minimum image must4 Image
4Content in Tabular format1 table
5How many H1/H2 must be inlcuded5-6 header

Flow Design specification for the Post

  • What is Existing Problem in [Domain]?
  • What are the Possible solutions for [Domain]?
  • What is the [Exact] soltion?
  • Why we should implement [this]
  • Who can implement and use [this]
  • What is the benefits and advantages of [this]
  • How [this] work?
  • Top 10 methods and tools for [this]
  • Use Cases for implementing [this]
  • What are the Major services provides for [this]?

Content specification of the Post

  • Each Post must have At Max One Youtube reference Video at the end of Page.
  • Each Post must have Reference Section to at the end of the each page

Title specification of the Post

  • Title must be having from “Reserved Keyword” as below
  • Title must be having 4 – 7 words range

Section Heading specification of the Post

  • Section heading – subheading must be having from “Reserved Keyword” as below

Image specification of the Post

  • Image name must match with title of the post
  • Image must be related to Workflow Diagram, Architecture, Tips, releated to Topics only
  • If Image is Animated representing a Content of the page – Simply Superb.
  • Self Develope Image must have Logo and Name.
  • Powerpoint/Photoshop is easy to mix/merge/create images

WordPress Best Practices for each Post

  • Image must be link to Attached media only
  • Each post must be part of right category
  • Each post must be giving right labels and tag before publish

Programming/Coding Post specification for each Post

  • Code in gist & gist description must match with a title of the page.
  • gist filename/extension must match with technology.

Some tools for Quality content writing

#Things to doTools/Site
1Grammer Check and SuggestionsGrammer Check and Suggestions
2Grammer Check and SuggestionsGmail Editor
3Content Copyright
4Content Copyright
5Quick Image Mix-MergePowerpowerpoint – Paint – Snippet

Reserved Keyword for us to be used in each post for tech bloggers

  • Tutotrial
  • Example
  • What is
  • How to
  • Why
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • certification
  • consultant
  • consulting
  • courses
  • instructor
  • Sample Program
  • tools
  • trainer
  • training
  • beginners
  • guide
  • Fundamental
  • Sample Code
  • Error
  • Reference
  • Step by Step guide

Things to after publishing

  • Share Top 5 SBM Personal Handle
  • Share on Top 5 Personal Social & Professional Network
  • Share with your team members
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