Ansible inventory in one remote machine using command-line

You can specify inventory file host path or comma separated host list. Except “localhost”, you can always specify a inventory using “-i INVENTORY” or –inventory=INVENTORY. Also, there are two default…

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PHP Tutorial for Beginners

PHP FRONT TO BACK What is PHP?:- PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor(Recursive Acronym)Server-Side Programming/Scripting LanguageCan be embedded directly within HTML (<?php?>)Files use a “.php” file extension How Does PHP Work?:- Client makes…

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Kubernetes supports Windows containers

With the release of Kubernetes v1.14, Windows Server node support has officially graduated from beta to stable! This support enables developers and operators with Windows Server based applications to containerize…

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ElasticSearch Error – illegal_argument_exception – Rejecting mapping update to type

########### COMMAND ################# ########### OUTPUT ########### Solution Multiple mapping types are not supported in indices created in 6.0 The ability to have multiple mapping types per index has been removed…

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Octopus deploy Package Deployment Feature Ordering

When Octopus deploys packages, it runs a series of actions implementing the conventions or features enabled for that step. The order of evaluation once the package is extracted is: BeforePreDeploy.*…

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Difference between ansible vars_files vs include_vars

Both of them have some commonalities but they solve different purposes. vars_files are read when the play starts. include_vars are read when the play reaches the task. Format vars_files: directive…

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Understand docker volume from beginner to deep dive level

In order to understand what a Docker volume is, we first need to be clear about how the filesystem normally works in Docker. Docker images are stored as series of…

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Solution/Project structure and Dev resources

applicationPackaging created the topic: WiX 3 Tutorial: Solution/Project structure and Dev resources This is the first post about building a WiX 3 installer from zero. The reason I’ve decided to…

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MSBuild Tutorial Reference for Beginner | MSBuild Learning Resources | scmGalaxy

Walkthrough: Creating an MSBuild Project File from Scratch How to: Write a Simple MSBuild Project MSBuild Basics Build Your Project File from Scratch using MSBuild

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How to Install Jenkins using Docker | Step by step guide | scmGalaxy

Step 1: Installing Docker [code] $ apt-get install docker (Ubuntu) $ yum install docker  (RHEL/CENTOS) [/code] For more info, please following this Step 2:  First, pull the official jenkins…

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Complete Linux & Shell Scripting Guide and Tutorial for Linux Admin and DevOps Engineer

Linux User Commands Linux Commands for User Linux Commands reference in scmGalaxy forum Linux Admin Commands Linux Commands for Administrator Main Responsibilities of the Linux System Administrator 20 pmap Commands…

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Docker basic Workflow tuorials with example commands

Simple Docker workflow – Quick start In this tutorials, I am trying to cover the simple quickstart Docker workflow and for the example, I am creating Ubantu containee and using…

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How to Install Sonatype Nexus installation using Docker?

Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager 2 Install a Docker Engine Installation Instructions can be found here – Download a Sonatype Nexus Image > docker pull sonatype/nexus For Sonatype Nexus Repository…

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How to Host your own Nuget Feed? | Step by Step Guide | Tutorial

Hosting your own Nuget Feed? 1. Local File Based Package Source Limitation with fles based source – It does not have nuget capable feed. Can not push the package. We…

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How to Install and Configure Gerrit2 in CentOs and Ubantu ?

Step 1:  Update System > yum update > apt-get update Step 2: Install git Step 3: Install screen Step 4: Install screen Step 5: Install Java Step 6: MySQL Step…

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How to Publish a Nuget package in NuGet Gallery?

How to Publish a Nuget package in NuGet Gallery? Step 1 – Create an account at Head over to and register for an account. Once you do that,…

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How to create a package in Nuget? | Nuget Tutorial

Hosting your own Repository in Nuget How to create a package in Nuget? Mehtod 1 – From An Assembly If you have an assembly, you can easily generate a nuspec…

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Provision a AWS ec2 vm using chef | Step by Step Guide | AWS ec2 vm Tutorial

Provision a AWS ec2 vm using chef Step 1: Install chefdk Step 2: Setup AWS Credentails Step X: Setup your knife config Step X: Make sure following is set and…

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How to install chefDK in RHEL, Ubantu, Mac and Windows?

How to install chefDK in RHEL, Ubantu, Mac and Windows? How to install chefDK in RHEL Step 1: Download checfdk from > wget or > curl -o chefdk-0.9.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm…

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How to Setup SVN Server with Apache2 in Ubantu?

This tutorial is to setup the SVNServer from base using Apache2 in Ubantu only. > sudo apt-get update > sudo apt-get install subversion apache2 libapache2-svn apache2-utils > sudo addgroup subversion…

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