What is the use of Adobe Premiere source monitor?

The main purpose of the source monitor in Adobe Premiere allows you to view your clips at full resolution and to set in and out points. Its description simplifies the source monitor and makes its purpose seem minimal. In this you can set in and out points in the project panel. But there is really a lot to it.

We are going to talk about it:-

  • View clips inside source monitor.
  • Helping to configure the source monitor.
  • Working with source monitor in clips.

Introduction Details of Source Monitor

The Source Monitor project offers different views comparing the two in the panel.
Go to the panel menu to find ideas. The panel menu source is present in the upper right hand corner of the monitor panel.

How to configure source monitor.

Learning the playback controls in the source monitor will save you a lot of time when editing clips for your project. You can mouseover any control to find the name of the control. It is hoped that their purpose is already familiar.
Source Monitor, along with all playback controls, also includes several configuration options that can be used to customize the source monitor to fit your needs. You may find it helpful to access most settings by clicking the panel menu or clicking a little wrench to get the source monitor.

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