Docker Interview Questions and Answer Part – 32

Which of the following are true about Docker volumes?

  • They must exist on a SAN or NAS
  • They are decoupled from containers (Ans)
  • They are higher performance than graph driver (snapshotter) storage
  • They are RAID protected

Which of the following commands will list all of the Docker volumes on a particular Docker host?

  • docker system info | grep volumes
  • docker node volumes
  • docker volume ls (Ans)

Which of the following can be a Docker Secret?

  • Just SSH keys
  • Just .pem and .crt files
  • Passwords less than 100KB
  • Passwords, SSH keys, service ports and names (Ans)

Which component of the Docker Engine interfaces with the kernel primitives that are used to build containers?

  • The OCI layer (runc) (Ans)
  • The REST API
  • The Docker daemon

What currently replaces containerd and the OCI layer in the Docker Engine on the Windows platform?

  • The smss process
  • The Compute Services Layer (Ans)
  • The Windows Registry
  • Hyper-V

How do you tell Docker on Windows to deploy a container as a Hyper-V container?

  • Build the image with the isolation=hyperv tag
  • Use the hyper-v container run command instead of the docker container run command
  • Pass the docker container run command the --isolation=hyperv switch (Ans)

What are some of the features of Docker Universal Control Plane?

  • Docker Content Trust (DCT)
  • Management of containers and virtual machines via a single web UI
  • RBAC, image scanning, image promotions (Ans)

Which of the following explains the relationship between a Docker image and a Docker container?

  • A Docker container is two or more images that share a common execution environment
  • A Docker container is used to start a Docker image
  • A Docker container is a collection of image layers
  • A Docker container is a running instance of an image (Ans)

Which of the following commands will initialize a new Swarm on the current node?

  • docker swarm init (Ans)
  • docker swarm create
  • docker init

Which Dockerfile instruction sets the default program for a container to run, but can be overridden on the CLI at runtime?

  • RUN
  • CMD (Ans)

Where do you specify the default logging driver for all containers on a particular Docker host?

  • logs.json
  • daemon.json
  • The Registry
  • config.json (Ans)

What underlying Windows technology, used to build containers, is broadly referred to as control groups?

  • The Registry
  • Hyper-V
  • Active Directory
  • Job objects (Ans)

Which of the following Docker Engine components is part of the Open Container Initiative (OCI)?

  • runc (Ans)
  • containerd
  • The API
  • The daemon

Which component of the Docker Engine implements the Docker API?

  • The Docker daemon (Ans)
  • The Docker client
  • The OCI layer
  • containerd

Which of the following is needed to deploy a Docker Stack?

  • Compose v2 file format
  • Kubernetes
  • Compose v3 file format (Ans)
  • Docker Cloud

What is the name of the configuration file that describes how to build a new Docker image with your app-code inside?

  • dockerfile (Ans)
  • config.json
  • docker-file
  • dockerfile.json

Which of the following is the worst number of managers for high availability?

  • 1
  • 5
  • 2 (Ans)
  • 7

Which command can you use to get a shell session inside of a container?

  • docker container login
  • docker container exec (Ans)
  • docker container shell
  • docker container ssh

Which Docker EE technology performs layer-7 (application layer) load balancing?

  • The ingress network
  • The Service Mesh
  • The HTTP Routing Mesh (HRM) (Ans)
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