How to get port of a pod in Kubernetes?

To get the port of a pod in Kubernetes, you can use the kubectl command along with the get and describe options.

Here are the steps:

1. List all the pods in the cluster to find the specific pod you’re interested in:

kubectl get pods

2. Identify the name of the pod from the list of pods.

3. Retrieve detailed information about the pod, including the container ports:

kubectl describe pod <pod-name>

4. Look for the “Containers” section in the output. Under each container, you will find the “Ports” field, which lists the container ports.

Alternatively, you can use the kubectl get command with the -o or --output flag to format the output and display only the port information for the pod:

kubectl get pod <pod-name> -o jsonpath='{.spec.containers[*].ports[*].containerPort}'

This command uses jsonpath to extract the container port(s) from the pod’s specification.

Replace <pod-name> with the name of the pod you want to get the port for.

By following these steps, you can retrieve the port(s) associated with a specific pod in Kubernetes.

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