How to Upload and Compress an Image using PHP

Image compression is very helpful to reduce the size of the image. Generally, the user does not optimize the image when uploading through the website. In this case, compress images before upload to optimize the image.

So, now I am show you how to compress image before upload using PHP.

Create a PHP form with an input field and submit button. This <form>
tag contain following contain:

  • method=”post”
  • enctype=”multipart/form-data

Note: enctype=”multipart/form-data” is compulsory for image upload precess via post method in form.


After the form submission, the file data is submitted to the upload.php file for further processing. Then, compress and upload images in PHP.

The upload.php file handles the image compression upload operations. I have used some PHP image functions like compressImage() that helps to compress and save image on the server using PHP.

If the file is submitted, then retrieve the file info using the PHP $_FILES method, compressed size, and upload image using compressImage() function. Then see the image upload status.


Then, see the results: