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Most trusted JOB oriented professional program
DevOps Certified Professional (DCP)

Take your first step into the world of DevOps with this course, which will help you to learn about the methodologies and tools used to develop, deploy, and operate high-quality software.

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DevOps to DevSecOps – Learn the evolution
DevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP)

Learn to automate security into a fast-paced DevOps environment using various open-source tools and scripts.

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Get certified in the new tech skill to rule the industry
Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Certified Professional

A method of measuring and achieving reliability through engineering and operations work – developed by Google to manage services.

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Master the art of DevOps
Master in DevOps Engineering (MDE)

Get enrolled for the most advanced and only course in the WORLD which can make you an expert and proficient Architect in DevOps, DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles together.

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Gain expertise and certified yourself
Azure DevOps Solutions Expert

Learn about the DevOps services available on Azure and how you can use them to make your workflow more efficient.

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Learn and get certified
AWS Certified DevOps Professional

Learn about the DevOps services offered by AWS and how you can use them to make your workflow more efficient.

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List of Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites SBM websites in the world in 2022

WebsitesMoz Domain Authority (DA)Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR)Alexa RankAhrefs Rank
1. Facebook Page 961000401
2. Linkedin Page 99983405
3. Twitter 94992602
4. Koo 35335393026884
5. Youtube Community 100990204
6. Pinterest 949711208
7. Reddit 91952348
8. Tumblr 774911395
9. Plurk 878326167604
10. Getpocket 9193787206
11. Diigo 908629903854
12. Flipboard 918820592352
13. Scoopit 928630473648
14. Mix 80916824706
15. Slashdot 528820422500
16. Quora Space 9391144 564

What are social bookmark sites?

Social bookmarking websites are sites on which Internet users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and videos.

What are the advantage of submitting content to social bookmark sites?

The more social bookmarking sites you submit your content to the larger the net you will cast to draw in new traffic. With effective use of specific niche tagging your new traffic will likely be generating new highly specific traffic from your use of social bookmarking.

Why do we do social bookmarking?

They let web users keep track of your content. The social bookmarks tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. That improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Content Curation. As a marketer, especially in social media, one of your duties is to curate content to share with your audience.
  • Organize and Save Resources.
  • Tag Content.
  • Share Resources.
  • Build Backlinks.
  • Promote Your Mentions.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Site.
  • SEO.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 18
Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 113
Tumblr is an American microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and currently owned by Automattic. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 149
Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 856
Pocket, previously known as Read It Later, is an application and web service for managing a reading list of articles and videos from the Internet.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 1,510
Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates through short messages or links, which can be up to 360 text characters in length.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 6,519
Flipboard is an excellent news-reading app that gathers articles from around the web and delivers them to your Android device in attractive Smart Magazines that you can tailor to your own interests.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 9,900 is a content marketing software company based in San Francisco, California. The company operates the platform, a content curation service, and markets its content marketing software to businesses.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 11,262
Diigo is a social bookmarking website that allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag Web pages. Additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 11,684
Like StumbleUpon, Mix is part of the Expa family. Built upon the legacy of StumbleUpon, Mix enables you to curate and share the best of the internet. The platform learns what you love browsing and searching for across the web, to show you even more of what you are interested in.


Alexa Ranking 2021: 14,101
Slashdot is a social news website that originally billed itself as “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters”. It features news stories on science, technology, and politics that are submitted and evaluated by site users and editors. Each story has a comments section attached to it where users can add online comments.

What is Domain Rating (DR)?

Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in our database on a 100-point scale. It’s essentially a less granular version of Ahrefs Rank (AR).

What is Domain authority?

The Domain authority (also referred to as thought leadership) of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz.

Rajesh Kumar