Numeric Array, Array Function, and Double Array Operator in PHP.

Numeric Array

Sample Program

Output:- Rahul

Array Function

Array() function is used to create an array.


$array_name = array(“value1″,”value2″,”value3”,……..);

For Example

$name = array(“Sushant”,”Rahul”,”Sameer”,”sujeet”);

Note:- By Default, array starts with index 0.

Sample Program


Double Array Operator

The => operator lets you create key/index – value pairs in the array. The item on the left of the => is the key/index and the item on the right is the value.

For Example:- $name = array(1=>”Sushant”, 3=>”Rahul”, 7=>”Sujeet”, 12=>”Amit”);

In the Above Example, we assigned the index of the array’s. See Below,

$name[1] = Sushant,
$name[3] = Rahul,
$name[7] = Sujeet,
$name[12] = Amit,

Note:- When we assign a value in first array and left others, then next array will automatically assign next value of the previous array.

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