List of Top 11 Programming Languages in 2021

What are programming language? We all know, to communicate with a person, we need a specific language, similarly to communicate with computers, programmers also need a language called Programming language….

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What is PHP? and How PHP works?

What is PHP? We can say that PHP is an open source programming and server scripting language that is particularly well adapted to Create Static web pages or Dynamic web…

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What is API & How it works in All Programming Language?

In this blog, I am going to Explain What is API and How it works in All Programming Language. So, API means Application Programming Interface (API) through this We can…

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Everything about js Object

Objects in java-script explained!

Objects are used to store keyed collections of various data and more complex entities. In JavaScript, objects penetrate almost every aspect of the language. So we must understand them first…

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What is JavaScript – All You Need To Know About JavaScript

What is JavaScript? ” JavaScript is a high level, interpreted, programming language used to make web pages more interactive.  “ JavaScript is a scripting language used to create and control dynamic website content,…

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Shell/Bash Scripting Interview Questions and Answer – Part 2

Interview Questions Sets : Shell Programming How do you find out what’s your shell? Answer: echo $SHELL What’s the command to find out today’s date? Answer: date  What’s the command…

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