Top 15 Facebook Groups/Community for AI, ML, Bigdata

ML GroupsNumbers
Deep Learning and Machine Learning65.1K
Beginning Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning112.3K
Data Science, Machine Learning46.9K
Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning154.1K
Artificial Intelligence170.9K
Data Science | Machine Learning22.4K
Deep Learning Machine Learning25.2K
Data Science/Cloud Computing, AI & Machine Learning18.5K
Data Science, Deep Learning51.6K
Data Science – Machine Learning43.1K
Artificial Intelligence 30.5K
Machine learning3.6K
Deep Learning1.4K
Data Science / Machine Learning / A.I. / Internet Of Things / Big Data1.8K
C, C++, PHP, Python, JAVA, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning460
Big Data GroupsNumbers
Big Data Beginners10.3K
Big Data & Big Data Analytics25.5K
BigData Hadoop Group2.5K
Data Science World207K
Data Science – R & Python238.3K
Big Data36.8K
BigData Hadoop26.2K
Data Science using Python15.5K
BigData Hadoop2.9K
Data Engineering & Data Science2.9K
Data Science Addicts13.6K
MS in US – Business Analytics/Data Science15.8K
Data Analyst22.1K
Learn Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning for Beginners20K
Data Science Edge31.7K
Artificial Intelligence GroupsNumbers
Artificial Intelligence Group7.1K
Artificial Intelligence36.6K
AI / Machine Learning / Data Mining7.6K
Artificial Intelligence | Data Science30.5K
Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence46.9K
Deep Learning Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Data Science25.2K
Data Science | Machine Learning |Deep Learning | Artificial Intelligence|BI22.4K
AI & Machine Learning18.5K
Analytics / Machine Learning / Data Mining20.6K
Artificial Intelligence with JavaScript3.2K
Artificial Intelligence Software Components4.8K
Spiking Neural Networks for Artificial Intelligence2.5K
Artificial Intelligence in Construction2K

Shivam Awasthi