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AWS Cloud Services for Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in 2021

AWS Artificial Intelligence AI services

AWS pre-trained AI Services provide ready-made intelligence for your applications and workflows. AI Services easily integrate with your applications to address common use cases such as personalized recommendations, modernizing your contact center, improving safety and security, and increasing customer engagement. Because we use the same deep learning technology that powers and our ML Services, you get quality and accuracy from continuously-learning APIs. And best of all, AI Services on AWS don’t require machine learning experience.

  • Amazon Augmented AI
  • Amazon CodeGuru
  • Amazon Comprehend
  • Amazon Comprehend Medical
  • Amazon Forecast
  • Amazon Fraud Detector
  • Amazon Kendra
  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon Personalize
  • Amazon Polly
  • Amazon Rekognition
  • Amazon Textract
  • Amazon Transcribe
  • Amazon Translate
  • AWS DeepComposer
  • AWS DeepLens
  • AWS DeepRacer

AWS Machine Learning services

  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth
  • Amazon SageMaker Neo
  • Amazon Augmented AI

AWS AI/ML Framework services

  • TensorFlow on AWS
  • PyTorch on AWS
  • Apache MXNet on AWS
  • AWS DL Containers
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