How can send multi email using laravel 5.8

Step:1 open git base in C:\xampp\htdocs

Step:2 past this project name in the gitbase here
composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel multimail “5.8.*”

Step:3 Make One controller
php artisan make:controller MultimailController

Step:4 php artisan make:mail Multimail

Step:5 resources\views\Multimail.blade.php
paste this code in Multimail.blade.php

Step:6 app\Http\Controllers\MultimailController.php
paste this code in Multimailcontroller.php

Step:7 routes\web.php
paste this code in web.php

Step:8 app\Mail\Multimail.php
paste this code in Multimail.php

Step:9 resources\views\multi_email_template.blade.php
paste code in this page multi_email_template.blade.php

Step:9 Go mail trap or click here and sign up then you will get username, user password,

Step:10 fianally run this code in your gitbase here
php artisan serve

Step:11 copy this url and put in your browser.

overview how to work controller using send mail.