How to upload file in database with Laravel 5.8

Step:1 composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel uploadfile

Step:2 make a controller like that.
php artisan make:controller ImageUploadController

Step:3 amke a Model
php artisan make:model File -m

Step:4 put this code in the create_files_table

Step:5 then make a Database it will be of File_upload

Step:6 write database name in the .env page

Step:7 then make migrate the table
php artisan migrate

Step:8 make a controller app/Http/Controllers/ImageUploadController.php and paste this code in the ImageUploadController.php

Step:9 paste this code in the web.php

Step:10 make a page in resources/views/imageupload.blade.php

Step:11 then run this command
php artisan serve
and run put this url in your browser