Buildforge common Issues and Troubleshooting | Buildforge Troubleshooting Guide



Know about the BuildForge Server before Troubleshooting.

1. What is the Full version of Build Forge being used
(for example Build Forge can be obtained under the console interface by hovering the mouse over the Build Forge icon in the upper left hand corner.

2. What is Full version of operating system for both the Management Console and the agent host (used for the selector)

for example Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit)
> AIX = oslevel
> HP-UX = uname -r
> Solaris = uname -r
> Red Hat = cat /etc/redhat-release
> SUSE = cat /etc/SuSE-release
> Windows = winver (in a command (cmd) window)

3. What is the Full version of the database being used.

4. In What situtation and how, When did the behavior first start to occur?

5. Need to Refer Tomcat (Catalina) logs on the Build forge Server. 
UNIX/Linux ($BF_HOME/server/tomcat/logs/log_from_date_of_error.log) We will only require the Tomcat Catalina log for today’s date or the date you first encountered the error, i.e. catalina.2012-01-17.log

6. Need to Refer Build Forge engine log
UNIX/Linux ($BF_HOME/log)

7. Need to review database log
UNIX/Linux ($BF_HOME/Platform/db.log)

Issues 1 – API: Access denied.
Solution – Click Here

Issues 2: Build forge Consol gets slow after login

Issues 3: API: Access denied while accessing Environments Menu.

Issues 4: Error message in catalina.DATE.log”A valid Engine Unique Identifier must be specified”

Issues 5: Once copying one Environment varibale and duplicating multiple times. Error Occured after copying 7th times same variables. Post login, once You clicks on “Environments” left navigation, Everyone gets Error called “API: Access denied” on page.


Rajesh Kumar