How to merge two or multiple tables to each other in the Laravel PHP Framework? (Part-3)

Part-1 Part-2

Now, we’ll create the 2nd table State to merge with the Country table.

Step 1. Create child file resources/views/State folder with name create.blade.php.

Step 2. Create edit.blade.php file. In this file within resources/views/State folder.

Step 3. Create an index.blade.php file within resource/views/State/ folder.

Step 4. Go to app/State.php. Now, we need to list all the properties we need in the $fillable array.

Step 5. Go to app/Http/Controllers/StateController.php file.

 ->leftJoin('countries', 'states.country_id', '=', 'countries.country_id')
 public function index()
         $states = State::all()->toArray();
         $states = DB::table('states')
         ->leftJoin('countries', 'states.country_id', '=', 'countries.country_id')
        return view('state.index',  ['states' => $states]);


Step 6. Then, go to routes/web.php file and define all these routes.

Route::any('/search1', 'StateController@search');

Run the URL