How to Verify an Email in Laravel?

How to Verify an Email in Laravel?

Step 1. Create a new Project in Laravel, so Open git Bash. Write down the following command:-

Step 2. Now, Move to project directory on git Bash, so write down the following command:-

Step 3. So, we have to Create a new Database. Go to XAMPP server->phpMyAdmin->Click New Database-> emailverify.

Mysql Database connection Laravel

Step 4.  Now, Go to .env file to set the project path and give the project APP_URL, DB_DATABASE name and DB_USERNAME name.

Step 5. Create the user authentication scaffolding. Write down the following command:-

Step 6. Go to app\Providers\AppServicesProvider.php and write down the following code:-

Step 7. Thereafter, Migrate tables into the MySQL databaseWrite the following command within git Base.

Step 8. Implement the MustVerifyEmail feature in User Model.

Step 9. Go to routes/web.php file and write down the following code:-

Step 11. Open this link and login with your Google account.

Step 12. Click the demo inbox link.

Step 12. Copy port, username , password and paste in .env file.

Step 13. Firstly, You have to register, then log in your project.

Step 14. Now, you can see that it’s asking for email verification.

Step 15. After clicking, a fresh verification link would have sent to your email address. You can see the the demo inbox.

Step 16. Click the Verify Email Address button . After that you’ll be logged in your dashboard.


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